On the road to adventure: September fiction titles sure to entertain

September fiction releases

Our September fiction releases include a dystopian novel about a nothing, a dark tale of a man on a fishing trip, and a sequel to one of our bestselling titles in 2013.

Steve Westover’s “A Nothing Named Silas” is the author’s fifth novel and, according to Publisher’s Weekly, is a dystopian tale that falls “somewhere between ‘The Hunger Games’ and Ayn Rand’s ‘Anthem.’”

John Gubbins’ “Raven’s Fire” is a ghost story that pits feuding spirits against each other in a battle for a man’s soul.

“Benotripia: The Stones of Horsh” is the exciting sequel to “Benotripia: The Rescue” and is written by 12-year-old McKenzie Wagner, who recently signed with TransMedia, an international PR firm.

Each of these titles will be released on Sept. 10 and are available in bookstores and through online retailers.

A Nothing Named Silas_2x3“A Nothing Named Silas” by Steve Westover

In the not-so-distant future, workers are forcibly drafted into their fields, and the Labor party chooses Silas. Because he’s new, strong, and trained for Command, everyone wants to use him for their own purposes. But when a strange girl shows him that he can choose his own destiny, Silas must make his first real decision—which side he will fight for.






“Raven’s Fire” by John GubbinsRavens Fire 2x3

A ghost story unlike one you’ve ever read! When a lethal 30-year-old secret tears apart Joe and Carol’s marriage, Joe heads for his beloved woods to recuperate, only to discover that they’re filled with evil spirits. Icy fingers will clasp your heart and not let go to the very end!






Stones of Horsh, The_2x3“Benotripia: The Stones of Horsh” by McKenzie Wagner

With the queen gone, the Darvonians have the perfect opportunity to invade Benotripia, find the Stones of Horsh, and harness their great powers. Only three children stand in their way: Roseabelle, Jessicana, and Astro. But this time, the Darvonians know not to underestimate these children, and the invaders come prepared. Roseabelle and her friends must survive long enough to save the stones.