October 2016 New Releases from Cedar Fort!

The latest from Cedar Fort for October 2016!

We are excited to be the distributors for the Saturday’s Warrior movie and soundtrack! Available now!

713419197529Saturday’s Warrior (movie)

Saturday’s Warrior, a musical fantasy that originated on the stage in 1974 with music by Lex de Azevedo and book and lyrics by Doug Stewart, is based on the idea that we existed before we were born into this life, in a realm where we not only had relationships with others with whom we would share our earthly journey but that we might even have made promises to them. Saturday’s Warrior is also the age-old story of a prodigal son struggling to find himself as he faces temptation, family expectations, and the changing values of the time.

713419197529DVD: $24.99 USD, $28.99 CADBlu-Ray: $29.99 USD, $34.99 CAD

Saturday’s Warrior Movie Soundtrack

Saturday’s Warrior Special Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack CD. Your favorite Saturday’s Warrior songs like you’ve never heard them before! Includes all the brand new songs from the film and beautiful instrumental tracks from the score.
713419197765, 713419197765CD-ROM: $17.99 USD, $21.00 CADMusic \ Religious \ Contemporary Christian

9781462119431A Letter to Mary: The Savior’s Loving Letter to His Mother

by Jason F. Wright

Without Mary, there is no Christ. Join the Savior as He writes a loving letter to His mother, reflecting on her life, the night of the Nativity, and their eternal legacy. This Christmas, revisit the beautiful stories of the Messiah and Mary, through Christ’s eyes, and experience the heartwarming spirit of the holiday season.
9781462119431, 1462119433$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverReligion \ Holidays \ Christmas & AdventCFI, 64 pages, 6.5inW | 6.5inH | 1inTh

9781462119707Kennedy’s Hugs   

by Jason Hansen, Heather Hansen

After her terminal diagnosis, Kennedy’s life would never be the same. But even as her body broke down, her heart never failed, nor did her ability to love. With each precious passing day, more people witnessed her faith and kindness uniting her community and spreading to millions around the world. Now you can experience firsthand this incredible true story of unfailing optimism, real miracles, and Kennedy’s inspiring legacy of love.
9781462119707, 1462119700
$17.99 USD, $21.00 CADPaperbackBiography & Autobiography \ ReligiousPlain Sight, 304 pages, 6inW | 9inH

sacrament-is-for-me_9781462118809_webThe Sacrament Is for Me   

by Jessica B. Ellingson, Illustrated by Chase Jensen

The sacrament is the most important part of the Sabbath day-and our week. Teach your little ones about the sacred sacrament and how they can apply it in their everyday lives, from the playground to piano lessons. Help your children start each week right and understand the reason behind the reverence of Jesus’s eternal sacrifice, love, and example.
9781462118809, 1462118801
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ ChristianCFI, 32 pages, 8inW | 10inH | 1inTh

9781462118311Masters of Light: Coming unto Christ through Inspired Devotional Art   

by Herman du Toit

Discover the masterworks by renowned artists such as Carl Bloch and Bertel Thorvaldsen that have inspired Christian believers worldwide. Learn how these artworks have brought many to Christ and what they can teach us about realism, beauty, and truth. Acclaimed museum educator Herman du Toit’s book is filled with insightful commentary and beautiful full-color artwork that will richly reward the reader and inspire a strengthened relationship with Christ.
9781462118311, 1462118313
$29.99 USD, $34.99 CADHardcoverReligion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day SaintsCFI, 208 pages, 8inW | 10inH | 1inTh

9781462119219I Know Journal

by Al Carraway

As recent LDS convert Al Carraway says, “The best way to strengthen your testimony is to bear it. Even if it’s just to yourself.” Track your personal testimony in this beautiful cloth journal from Al, complete with monthly stickers. Record your thoughts, line upon line, month after month, discovering what you believe and who you’ve become!
9781462119219, 1462119212
$19.99 USD, $22.99 CADHardcover JournalCFI, 208 pages, 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


defender-of-the-family_9781462118212_webDefenders of the Family   

by Ben White, Jay Fontano (Illustrated by)

Defenders of the Family, assemble! God’s magnificent plan for us rests upon the strength of the family. In this engaging children’s book, discover the roles and teachings needed to unite your family, from devoted parents to extended members, all centered on the power of the gospel. Help your children see their families as they can be: incredible, empowered, eternal followers of Jesus.
9781462118212, 1462118216
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Family & RelationshipsCFI, 32 pages, 8inW | 10inH | 1inTh

9781462119424You’ve Got This!: How to Look Up When Life Has You Down   

by Al Carraway, Hank Smith, Elise Hahl, Zandra Vranes, Tamu Smith, Chad Hymas, Whitney Wilcox Laycock, Dallas Lloyd

Life is tough, but so are you! Learn how to work through life’s trials with advice from popular youth speakers, including Hank Smith and Al Carraway, who have endured a few challenges of their own. This encouraging book will help you see trials as essential stepping-stones to becoming who you’re destined to be.
9781462119424, 1462119425
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CADPaperbackJuvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian \ InspirationalCFI, 128 pages, 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

9781462119455Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier Boxed Set   

by David J. Ridges

Scripture study made easy, enlightening, and straightforward. From beloved gospel scholar David Ridges comes The Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier Boxed Set! This valuable collection contains the complete text of the Doctrine and Covenants, Brother Ridges’s classic in-verse notes, and additional insights and commentary. Bring your family together and master latter-day scriptures with this helpful study companion.
9781462119455, 146211945X
$59.99 USDPaperbackReligion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day SaintsCFI, 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh

9781462118458Gilly’s Treasures   

by Julie Murphy, Jay Fontano (Illustrated by)

Gilly the seagull loves finding treasures-especially bright, shiny seashells! But will this silly seagull miss the treasures already in his life? With beautiful illustrations and a story that’s fun to read aloud, this delightful picture book is perfect for children and parents alike.
9781462118458, 1462118453
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Fiction \ Social Themes \ Values & VirtuesSweetwater, 32 pages, 1 in Th

sheppards-last-lamb_9781462118533_webSheppard’s Last Lamb   

by Annalisa Hall, Alex Worthen (Illustrated by)

Sheppard Hill wants to be a wise man or an innkeeper in the Christmas pageant, but instead he gets stuck as a boring shepherd-all because of his name! What’s even worse, he’s stuck helping his younger sisters too. But when he begins to think of Christ, can he turn this terrible turn of events into the best Christmas pageant ever?
9781462118533, 1462118534
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Fiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Holidays & CelebrationsBonneville, 32 pages, 10inW | 8inH | 1inTh

good-fast-eats_9781462119462Good Fast Eats   

by Amy Flanigan

Ready to eat in just under an hour, these recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make! With recipes like Eggs in Purgatory, Moo Shu Pork, and Cajun Spiced Cod, you won’t have to spend a fortune or a lot of time cooking or cleaning up. Your family will love these fresh one-pot meals perfectly balanced with amazing ingredients and spices. Cooking has never been easier or more satisfying!
9781462119462, 1462119468
$19.99 USD, $22.99 CADPaperbackCooking \ Methods \ Quick & EasyFront Table, 144 pages, 7inW | 9inH | 1inTh

9781462119226Simply Tradition: 70 Fun and Easy Holiday Ideas for Families  

by Kierste Wade

Back-to-school ice cream sundaes, haunted gingerbread houses, and cereal nights in the park. Popular blogger Kierste Wade’s simple traditions will involve the whole family in the festivities of daily life. Bring the happiness home and make memories together all year long.
9781462119226, 1462119220
PaperbackFamily & Relationships \ ActivitiesPlain Sight, 192 pages, 7inW | 9inH | 1inTh

9781462119646Mormon Temples in America: Stories of Faith and Inspiration   

by Scott Jarvie

Explore all of America’s beautiful LDS temples in this comprehensive compilation! From Seattle, Washington to Palmyra, New York, renowned photographer Scott Jarvie explores each LDS temple in America and creates a detailed compilation including beautiful photos and information on each temple’s announcement, dedication, site, floor area, and exterior finish. Each temple section is also accompanied by faith-inspiring stories surrounding its history.
9781462119646, 1462119646
$49.99 USDHardcoverReligion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day SaintsCFI, 304 pages, 8.5inW | 11inH

9781462119059The Unsaid   

by Aaron Blaylock

Maggie, a heavenly curator of unspoken thoughts, is content to do her job while she waits for her turn in mortality. When Eric, her beholden, shows interest in the new girl at work, Maggie’s curiosity for the wonders of love and life cause her to forsake the rules in search of answers. But meddling in mortal affairs has consequences that Maggie could never have imagined…
9781462119059, 1462119050
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADPaperbackFiction \ Christian \ FantasyBonneville, 208 pages, 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

9781462119240For This We Are Soldiers: Stories of the Frontier Army  

by Carla Kelly

From master storyteller Carla Kelly comes this collection of frontier tales that take you behind typical army lines and into the hearts of ordinary men and women who perform extraordinary acts of bravery. From handsome hospital stewards and dashing soldiers to courageous children and wives who will pull at your heartstrings, there’s something for everyone’s fancy.
9781462119240, 1462119247
$9.99 USD, $11.99 CADMass MarketFiction \ Romance \ WesternSweetwater, 240 pages, 4.25inW | 7inH | 1inTh

9781462119325The Christmas Bike   

by Tara Mayoros

Christmas is already going to be tough for Marie and her family. When her son’s bike is stolen on Christmas Eve, Marie doesn’t know what to do. If she doesn’t find the perfect bike pronto, Christmas will be ruined-and so will her son’s faith in Santa. But the real Christmas miracle may have started long before Marie began looking for one . . .
9781462119325, 1462119328
$5.99 USD, $6.99 CADPaperbackFiction \ HolidaysBonneville, 64 pages, 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh