November 2018 New Releases

Check out the newest releases from Cedar Fort!

The User-Friendly New Testament

Marilyn Green Faulkner
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 288
USD: $18.99, CAD: $21.99
Wake up your scripture study with this fresh and fun companion to the New Testament! The characteristically witty Marilyn Faulkner discusses New Testament stories like you’ve never heard them before. Use the parable of the sower to evaluate your use of social media, get directions as you scale the Sermon on the Mount, and learn how grace helps you be born again (and again and again).

Tiny Talks 2019 Primary Theme

Heidi Doxey
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 128
USD: $12.99, CAD: $14.99
Teach, learn, and grow together all year! With Tiny Talks, you can follow the inspired Primary theme for 2019 in your home and at church. Filled with lesson ideas for sharing time or family night, talks and stories for children to read, activities, songs, and even an outline for the annual sacrament meeting program, this is the perfect resource for Primary teachers, parents, and leaders.

Primary FHE 2019: A Year of Prepared Family Night Lessons and Activities to Strengthen Your Home

Kimiko Christensen Hammari
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 160
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
Bring the Primary theme for 2019 into your home with a year of prepared family nights. This book is the perfect solution for busy families. Each week you’ll find a complete lesson, songs, scriptures, treat ideas, and activity options for both younger and older children. Don’t let a busy schedule keep your family from gathering each Monday night.

Jesus Worked Miracles

Heidi Poelman, Jason Pruett
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Hardback, Page Count: 32
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
When Jesus was alive, He performed miracles to show He was the son of God. This reverent picture book introduces children to the stories of lepers healed, the dead raised, and, ultimately, the miraculous Resurrection of our Lord. Although these events took place thousands of years ago, Jesus still works miracles today in the lives of those who have faith in Him.

I’ll Be a Sunbeam

Shersta Chabot, Markie Riley
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Hardback, Page Count: 32
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam—and a moonbeam, clear stream, and calm sea! Like the classic children’s song, this charming picture book draws on imagery from nature to teach children how to follow the Savior. Just as a star in the night sky can guide wanderers home, we can live in a way that guides others to Jesus Christ.

Trial of Faith: Why a Lawyer Abandoned His Mormon Faith, Argued Against It, and Returned to Defend It

Dusty Smith, Kimiko Hammari
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 144
USD: $14.99, CAD: $16.99
Lieutenant Colonel Dusty Smith was once an ambitious young law student and returned missionary who planned to use his skills to defend the Church. Along the way, however, he discovered anti-Mormon literature that caused him to turn around and attack the very faith he had once sought to defend. But after many years, the persistence of a good friend and a patient, loving Heavenly Father finally brought about Dusty’s miraculous reconversion.

Simply Starstruck

Aspen Hadley
Sweetwater Books,
Pub Date: 11/13/18
Paperback / softback, Page Count: 256
USD: $17.99, CAD: $20.99
Kate Evans never imagined she’d be a young widow and single mom, staying in her aunt’s guest cottage. She also never imagined she’d live next door to Jess Sullivan, an actual movie star. Struggling to put herself back together, Kate gets swept up in a whirlwind of dating, but can she keep ignoring what her heart really wants?

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