Nonfiction Book Focus 04/01/2013 The Finance of Romance: Investing in Your Relationship Portfolio

Today’s Nonfiction Book Focus is on “The Finance of Romance: Investing in Your Relationship Portfolio,” written by Leon Scott Baxter.

Leon Scott Baxter;

Finance of Romance_2x3When I was asked to be the keynote speaker in 2008 for 50 couples of different ages, various ethnic backgrounds, some married, some dating, and all with diverse income levels, I wasn’t sure what my running theme could be. I needed something that everyone could relate to, that could be used as a lens to look at love, romance and relationships. Then it hit me like a tons of quarters…money. Finances. Everyone understands finance.

Creating a strong, romantic and committed relationship is very much like investing in your financial portfolio. There are ways to forecast your future. You should be setting short- and long-term goals. And, just like investing in your financial future, there are rules to ensure you get the biggest bang for your “buck”. And, over the years of offering relationship advice on TV and radio, in magazine articles and newspaper columns, on the phone and on the web, at my seminars, workshops and talks and podcasts, I’ve learned that investing is investing, be it in the stock market or in your marriage.

So, using what so many of us are already accustomed to (financial investment rules), The Finance of Romance walks couples through the “requirements” for ensuring relationship security in their lives. The book removes the emotional, cross-your-fingers, doesn’t-it-feel-good aspects of most other books on the subject and appeals to the analytical reader, the number-cruncher, the person who doesn’t want to waste time and energy on hope alone.

Using a different financial investment rule per chapter, The Finance of Romance draws parallels between investing financially and investing romantically. Why? Because people are familiar with these rules, terms and topics. They are also familiar with the success stories of the people who stick with them.

When you see that the same rules apply in love, it’s easier to accept and apply them to your own relationship.

The Finance of Romance offers readers specific investment rules that will help ensure successful, fulfilling and romantic relationships. Using statistics and forecasts, short- andlong-term goals, the book helps the reader find what everyone wants”¦ true happiness with their partner. If you are an analytical thinker who is in a relationship, The Finance of Romance might very well be the best financial investment to help you build your relationship portfolio.

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  • April 2, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    A simply genius approach to romance and relationships.

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