New Testament

The New Testament contains some of the most personal details of our Savior’s life on earth, and now you can increase your love for this book of scripture as you gain a deeper appreciation of its cultural setting, historical significance, and doctrinal insights by reading The New Testament and the Latter-day Saints from respected gospel teachers.
“New Testament Women” – Susan Easton Black
“Special Witnesses of the Birth of Christ” – Joseph Fielding McConkie
“The Stumbling Blocks of First Corinthians” – Monte S. Nyman
The New Testament and the Latter-day Saints contains a collection of findings from BYU religion professors and other renowned scholars that’s perfect for any student of the New Testament. Whether you use it for personal or family study, lesson or talk preparation, or to help you participate in the ongoing dialogue of world academicians, this is one book your gospel library can’t do without.

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 Noted teacher and gospel scholar, David J. Ridges, makes the New Testament come alive in The New Testament Made Easier New Edition. The Savior’s mortal ministry and atoning sacrifice are felt as well as studied. In-the-verse notes provide a unique teaching tool which allows you to read the complete Bible text of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John while being taught the meaning of difficult Bible words and phrases, symbolism, doctrine, culture and setting. Notes between the verses clarify and alert you to major concepts and messages.