Movie Premier for Finding Refuge in El Paso

Fred E. Woods, the author of Finding Refuge in El Paso, is inviting the media and public to a free presentation of “Behind the Scenes of Creating Finding Refuge”. The Presentation will be held on Nov. 3, 2012, from 7:00 p.m. ““ 9:00 p.m. It will be held at the BYU Broadcasting Building Studio C.


The agenda of the events includes: Centennial Commemorative Event of the Mormon Exodus from El Paso in 1912; documentary of Finding Refuge in El Paso will be shown with comments by the film director and producer; overview of the recently published book by BYU professor Fred E. Woods, Finding Refuge in El Paso: The 1912 Mormon Exodus from Mexico; show and tell of the museum exhibit on this topic at the El Paso Museum of History; and guest lecturers.

Finding Refuge in El Paso, by author Fred E. Woods, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the exodus from the Mormon colonies in Mexico where Latter-day Saints had been dwelling for over a quarter of a century. El Paso, Texas ““ situated on the southern border of the United States and the northern border of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua ““ played a pivotal role as a refuge for the displaced Saints during the Mexican Revolution.


Finding Refuge in El Paso uses an abundance of primary sources to capture the inspiring story of the exodus, augmented by interviews from two dozen historians and storytellers, men and women of varied faiths, creating a balanced, riveting documentary. Interviewees include Luciele Romney (relative of Mitt Romney), several historians specializing in the Mexican Revolution and railroad transportation, Mormon historian Richard E. Turley Jr. (Assistant LDS Church Historian), John Cook (El Paso’s mayor), as well as General Dana Pittard, Commanding Officer of Fort Bliss.