Mother’s Day

Written by, Soni Muller.

While I may be the first to say that Mother’s day like birthdays are just another day in the long, sometimes thankless, routine of tour_poster_v1.0.1 (S&E)motherhood, there is a certain magic that surrounds a day that has been specifically set aside to recognize and honor just me. I like that. Which is why I take advantage of my day of honor and do not give in to the temptation to clean the kitchen myself, or do any other regular task around the house. Even when I can tell the kids are struggling. No, I choose to sit back and bask in my temporary hiatus, even when it is sometimes very hard to be on the receiving side of service. It reminds me how much I do each day. Running a household of five children and two adults is not easy work. So taking one day off in 365 is not too much to ask.

I especially love our family tradition of receiving breakfast in bed. And not just any breakfast, usually something fancy like Eggs Florentine. I can get cold cereal any other day, but on Mother’s day I want to feel special, starting with breakfast. It means a lot to me that my husband is willing to put in the time and effort to do this for me. But most of all I take time to reflect on my mother, and all the mothers that have come before her. Growing up, I never appreciated all my mother did for me. It took becoming a mother to appreciate one.



Soni Muller

(Co-Author of Mom Rules: Because Even Superheroes Need Help Sometimes)

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