Mother’s Day: Books for mom


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If your mom loves to read, then you’ve come to the right place to find something to give her for Mother’s Day. These LDS nonfiction titles were written with moms in mind, so why not pick up a copy today? They’re available in bookstores and from online retailers.

Choosing-Motherhood_2x3Choosing Motherhood” by Lia Collings

Motherhood or a career? Which one truly matters? Both are important in their own way, but in “Choosing Motherhood” learn how these bright, young LDS women from the Yale community, while their peers were putting off motherhood or forgetting it entirely, decided to become mothers and make an eternal difference in the lives of their children and their communities.



Parenting with Spiritual Power” by Julie NelsonParenting-with-spiritual-power_web2x3

“I wish children came with an instruction manual!” How many times have we heard this lament? Julie Nelson examines the lives of mothers and fathers in the scriptures (the best instruction manual) and the parenting principles we can learn from them. Discover powerful parenting examples and suggestions for personal application in this essential book.




How to Have Peace 2x3How to Have Peace When You’re Falling to Pieces” by Rebecca Rode

You haven’t seen your kid’s bedroom floor in weeks, your schedule is overflowing, and the lady at the drive-through knows you by name. But even when your life feels chaotic, peace is possible. Packed with poems, quotes, scriptures, and uplifting stories, this book gives a fresh perspective on a mother’s work and helps restore calm to a hectic world—starting at home.



A Mother’s Perfect Hope” by David RidgesA-Mother's-Perfect-Hope-2x3

“And God saw that it was good.” Find a healthy view of yourself as God’s work in progress in this booklet by David J. Ridges. He teaches that even during the darkest days, when beset by self doubt, hope weaves its way through the unpredictability of daily life. Having a “perfect brightness of hope” means having confidence while you work through your imperfections, not after you’ve worked through them.




Husband-Whisperer, The_2x3The Husband Whisperer:
The Gentle Approach to Communication in Marriage

by Kevin Hinckley

Manipulation, threats, and anger only lead to harm and hurt feelings. Horse whisperers know that the best way to communicate in relationships is with a touch of gentleness. In The Husband Whisperer, Kevin Hinckley (MEd, LPC) shows women how to use their divine nature and to listen to the Spirit in order to bring peace into their marriages.



Apple Pies and Promises: Motherhood in the Real WorldApple-Pies-and-Promises_w2x3
by Linda Hoffman Kimball

In our media-driven society, motherhood is often undervalued or sentimentalized. At church, motherhood is the stuff of praise and sometimes pedestals. But what is motherhood really? It’s tears and smiles, giggles and squeals, homemade valentines and little-kid messes. “Apple Pies and Promises” offers glimpses into the complexities and mixed blessings of motherhood. It’s not a book for the perfect mother; it’s a book for the real mother and her everyday struggles and triumphs.