Monday Nights by the Sea of Galilee & New Testament Puzzle Book

Make your Mondays fun again! This priceless resource from the author of the Monday Nights series makes planning your family scripture study or family home evening lessons so much easier. Preparing fun, spiritual experiences with stories and principles from the New Testament is now a snap!
Each section includes:
  • A Story from the New Testament that’s perfect for younger readers
  • Word Quest Vocabulary that defines new words your children may not know
  • Gospel Art Picture Kit Reference to help you find exciting visual aids
  • Suggestion Questions to start meaningful discussions
  • Treasures of Knowledge with explanations to further enhance the verses you study
  • A Fun Activity that the whole family can enjoy together
The appendix is full of additional resources to make your planning even easier.
So don’t get overwhelmed. Let Monday Nights by the Sea of Galilee help your family grow together in your family home evenings and scripture study as you all increase your knowledge of the New Testament.
Perfectly Puzzling!
If you like puzzles, The New Testament Puzzle Book is perfect for you! Chase away boredom and improve your mind while reinforcing your knowledge of the New Testament through dozens of puzzles. From the author of The Book of Mormon Puzzle Book, The Doctrine & Covenants Puzzle Book, and  The Old Testament Puzzle Book, this book offers everything from crosswords to word searches, making it ideal for kids, teens, and even adults.