Michelle Snow

Author: Michelle Snow

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Books Published with Cedar Fort:It’s in the Bag: A New Approach to Food Storage– May 2010

Gluten Free Food Storage, It’s in the Bag– December 2010

The WOW Diet: Words of Wisdom, Dietary Enlightenment from Leading Words Religions and Scientific Study– December 2010

Queen of Common Cents: Over 1001 Tips and Facts to Save Time and Money- January 2012

Summer Bucket List for Kids- March 2012

Bio:Michelle Snow was born in Utah; however, at the young age of 3 she decided to move to California; naturally her mother, father and baby brother followed.After earning her nursing degree in California, she worked her way through graduate school earning a PhD in Pubic Health from the University of Utah. Michelle’s area of expertise is community based health education with an emphasis in nutrition and infectious disease prevention.

Michelle has published 6 books and over 29 articles (in peer reviewed professional and scientific journals) and has presented her public health research at national and international conferences.

Michelle and her family reside in Utah. They are kept company by their dog, Lady Isabella of Bromfield, four pet chickens, Hog Mama, Gertie, Argee, and Puffy Cheeks, and two cats, Senorita Peachalina Gato and Archimedes.