Merrilee Browne Boyack

Author:Merrilee Browne Boyack

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Books Published with Cedar Fort:

Waterfall Memories: A Parable of Motherhood- March 2012

Book of Mormon Children – May 2012

Bio:MERRILEE BOYACK, is a crazed woman who loves eating and taking naps when she can. She is an estate-planning attorney who conducts her law practice from home. She graduated with High Honors from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Management””Finance and was a summa cum laude graduate from University of Santa Clara Law School. Boyack is also a professional lecturer, a very popular speaker at BYU Education Week and Time Out for Women. She authored “The Parenting Breakthrough”, “Strangling Your Husband Is NOT an Option”, “Toss the Guilt and Catch the Joy” and “In Trying Times, Just Keep Trying”, published by The Deseret Book Company. And she’s written “Waterfall Memories: A Parable of Motherhood” and “Book of Mormon Children” published by Cedar Fort Book Publishing.

Merrilee and her husband, Steve, have four sons ages 21-30, and two perfect grandchildren. She is a Poway City Councilwoman. Boy Scout volunteer and a community activist. She has received many awards for leadership and community service. Her favorite kitchen appliance is a telephone. Her interests include reading, camping, talking, eating out and helping children in Africa. She has lectured throughout the country, combining lots of humor with an informative style.