Marketing Missive #3: Social Media

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What Is Social Media?

According to, “social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration,” but what does that mean for you and your message?

Social media is a compilation of platforms where people engage in conversation. This means that there is some sort of two-way interaction. Social media works best when you become a part of this conversation and not someone trying to merely steal the stage. Austin Kleon talks about his friend talking about this on his blog here.

People don’t like ads and if you are just telling people to buy your book, they will skip over you, unfollow you, mute you or whatever it is that people do to stop listening to people on their social media. Give them something more. Jonah Berger in this interview says that your marketing should be like a Trojan Horse. You should create something remarkable that can act as a front for your message. You need to create something remarkable that gives people social currency or practical value. Give them something to “remark” about and share, retweet, reblog, etc. that will make it so you don’t look like an ad yourself. Be a member of the community. Engage, communicate, remark and be remarked about.


Going back to the last missive, there was an article about writing op-eds to get press for your book.

Huffington Post allows you to submit a pitch for blog posts here.

You can set up an account to post on BuzzFeed/submit those posts for Community Posts that are promoted by editors of BuzzFeed here

Many other websites also have places where you can submit content so just do it. Having your name linked to simple articles can get you followers who learn to like things you have to say and would be willing to buy your book.

Marketing Minute

Remember how you are talking to your close friends and having them post about your book or helping you share your message, have them keep doing that. Keep making good, remarkable content for them to share.

This week, take a few minutes here and there to got to websites for your local TV stations to look up how to submit a news tip. Send them a message about a remarkable event or thing about your book. Don’t make the news tip too long, but make it interesting. Try to send a daily news tip each day for a week and then the next week, follow up!

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