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The Finance of Romance: Investing in Your Relationship Portfolio

Bio:Leon Scott Baxter, “America’s Romance Guru” is the author of The Finance of Romance: Investing in Your Relationship Portfolio, Out of the Doghouse: A Man’s Secret Survival Guide to Romance and A Labor with Love. He’s spoken to over 20,000 people about love and relationships. His website,CouplesCommittedToLove.com, allows visitors to access his book, articles, reports, seminars and phone coaching.Baxter has been a guest on radio and podcast programs, locally and internationally. He blogs regularly about how popular culture affects relationships, and is a regular guest on the A.M. radio show, “Talking with America.” He has answered nearly 2,000 inquiries as an expert on relationships at AllExperts.com, and is one of the most popular in his field of expertise.

Leon Scott Baxter lives in Southern California with his college sweetheart, Mary””who he has been married to since 1992″”his two beautiful daughters, Madison and Maya, and his Boxer/Terrier mix, Lucy. He enjoys playing basketball, skimboarding, and watching reruns of the hit TV series The A-Team.