Kristen Smith Dayley’s Book “For All the Saints” Discussion held at Salt Lake City Public Library Event Sponsored by Harvard Alumni

Professor Clayton Christiansen gestures to illustrate a point while responding to a questioner.

11/19/2012 -SALT LAKE CITY -Author Kristen Smith Dayley (“For All the Saints” ) and fellow presenter professor Clayton Christensen discuss her new book “For All the Saints” at an event at the SLC Public Library hosted by Harvard Alumni on Saturday, November 17, 2012.

A crowd of about 100 listened attentively as both presenters discussed the evolution of the book, and described how it was conceived, and eventually written, as well as the many experiences and personages that make up the book’s contents. “For All the Saints” details the history of the growth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Boston area, which eventually led to the construction of an LDS Temple to serve the members of that geographic region. The book describes how this growth took place by illustrating shared experiences, and heartfelt conversion stories.

Salt Lake City Public Library November 17, 2012

“I consider the book more of a series of cases than a history,” author Kristen Smith Dayley said. “If it were a history, I don’t think I would have been the best person to write it. I have too much respect for the craft of history for that.”

Dayley said as a lawyer, she has more experience in writing complex legal contracts than books, and that she never aspired to write one. However, when Clayton Christensen initially approached her with this project, something changed for her when she thought of the title, “For All the Saints” and how this series of stories about building the kingdom of God in Boston would be applicable to Latter-day Saints throughout the world-wide church.

Banner of Harvard Alumni, the hosts of the event

Dayley and Christensen shared vignettes from the book which they say highlight the instrumental processes to building and expanding the growing LDS faith. After the event, both presenters took turns responding to questions from the audience, and then were available to meet and mingle with guests about the contents of the book.

More information about the book may be found here.

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