June nonfiction releases to brighten your home

plain-sight-june-releases-bannerOur national nonfiction titles this month feature how-to’s of home decor and comprehensive advice on how to improve your budget. Each of these books will be available in bookstores and from online retailers on June 9, 2015, and they are also available for preorder from the links provided below.

Natural-Accents_9781462116409_full1200“Natural Accents: Outdoor-Inspired Interior Design and Decor”
by Stacy Risenmay

Amazon | Books & Things

Bring the outdoors in with this fresh look at home design and decorating. Whether you want to evoke the bright colors of a day at the beach, the soothing textures of a woodland walk, or the familiar comfort of your own backyard, these DIY projects and tips will turn your home into the nature-inspired oasis you’ve always wanted it to be.

Living-a-Beautiful-Life-on-Less-9781462116072_FULL1200“Living a Beautiful Life on Less: The Blissful and Domestic Guide to Food, Fun, and Finances”
by Danielle Wagasky

Amazon | Books & Things

Learn the secrets to living a rich and fulfilling life with less money, less stuff, and a lot less stress. Popular blogger Danielle Wagasky knows how to simplify your life so you can actually enjoy the abundance all around you. From finances to green cleaning, you will discover your own blissfully simple life within the pages of this must-read book!