June fiction titles primed and ready to launch!

Phyllis Gunderson’s “The Mounds Anomaly,” Heather Frosts’ “The Siren’s Secret” and T. Lynn Adams’ “The Lair Serpent” are our June fiction releases that hit the market on June 11. You can pick up a copy in bookstores and online on Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com and BooksAndThings.com.

“The Siren’s Secret” is the second installment in the a series.Sirens Secret 2x3

About the book:

Julia’s life has gone from complicated to nearly impossible! When she loses her shapeshifting powers and her appearance changes in alarming ways, Julia flees to Sirenity, where she learns an incredible secret about her mother. In this thrilling sequel to 2012’s “The Shapeshifter’s Secret,” Julia must take greater risks and make bigger sacrifices as she discovers who she really is and what she can really become. 

Lair of the Serpent 2x3

“The Lair of the Serpent” is the third in the “The Tombs of Terror” trilogy, which has been optioned by Hollywood producer Kevin Buxbaum, producer of “Avatar” and “Life of Pi.”

About the book:

A humanitarian trip to Cambodia turns deadly when Delilah, a young medical volunteer, is kidnapped. Once Jonathon arrives in the jungle and discovers that his friend is missing, he recruits the locals to search for her. Every clue points to the followers of the Nāga Mani—a sacred stone with legendary powers that only works with a human sacrifice. With time running out, it’s up to Jonathon to rescue Delilah.

Mounds Anomaly 2x3

“The Mounds Anomaly” is a standalone novel in which an ancient gold coin, a mysterious American Indianburial ground, and a Colorado canyon all have something in common—and brilliant archaeologist Mathilda Howard holds the key to solving the puzzle. Warned to keep quiet or lose her job, Mathilda risks her life to expose the truth that could change the entire history of the world in this fascinating mystery.