June 2017 New Releases

Check out the newest releases from Cedar Fort!

The Prophesied Coming of Christ: Book of Mormon, Native America, and Latter-day Prophecies of the Second Coming   by Phyllis Carol Olive

We know Christ is coming, and the time to prepare is nearly past. Since the days of Adam, mankind has looked forward to the Second Coming of Christ. Discover the ancient American prophecies from the Jaredites, Nephites, Aztecs, Cherokee, and more that clearly depict our modern calamities. In fascinating detail, these accounts make it clear that the end of our world is upon us and a new millennium is about to begin.

On Sale Date: June 13, 2017 9781462120505, 1462120504 $14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD
Paperback Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Social Science \ Ethnic Studies \ Native American Studies, Religion \ Biblical Studies \ Prophecy
CFI 208 pages 6inW | 9inH

Heartbeat of the Bitterroot   by Janice Mineer

Jenna Clark always tried to bury her bleak beginnings in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, but a newfound secret about her father’s identity forces Jenna to dig up her past. While there, mysterious threats and dangers suddenly enter her life that bring about an unexpected man of her dreams–Michael Callahan. After a lifetime of running away from family and love will Jenna find the courage to confront her past and step forward into the future?

On Sale Date: June 13, 2017 9781462120291, 1462120296 $18.99 USD, $21.99 CAD
Paperback Fiction \ Family Life, Fiction \ Romance \ Clean & Wholesome
Sweetwater 320 pages 6inW | 9inH


The Unicorn Hunter   by Rachel Kirkaldie

Princess Jessalyn’s betrothal is the talk of the realm, but all she cares about is escaping her family’s smelly fishing kingdom. As queen of Gontir, her life will finally be perfect. But her plans are shattered when she’s kidnapped by a murderous unicorn hunter in a plot to destroy Gontir. With her dreams in ruins, Jessalyn must decide if the life she’s always wanted is worth the price of her heart.

On Sale Date: June 13, 2017 9781462120314, 1462120318 $13.99 USD, $15.99 CAD
Paperback Young Adult Fiction \ Fairy Tales & Folklore, Young Adult Fiction \ Fantasy \ Wizards & Witches
Sweetwater 192 pages 5.5inW | 8.5inH


Beyond   by Catina Haverlock, and Angela Larkin

 Presley Hale has no idea she can see ghosts-until she falls for one. At first Landon tries to keep his distance, but when Presley learns his secret, she knows she has to follow her heart. Unfortunately their relationship isn’t just complicated–it’s dangerous. Can Landon and Presley find some way to be together with a host of insidious spirits trying to tear them apart?
On Sale Date: June 13, 2017 9781462120260, 1462120261 $17.99 USD, $20.99 CAD
Paperback Young Adult Fiction \ Romance \ Clean & Wholesome, Young Adult Fiction \ Romance \ Paranormal, Young Adult Fiction \ Ghost Stories
Sweetwater 272 pages 6inW | 9inH

Dr. Libby’s Real Food Chef   by Dr. Libby Weaver

Revolutionize your diet with real, whole foods. These incredibly delicious recipes feature mostly plant-based ingredients and are so easy to make! Try the Breakfast Hash with Mushrooms, Blueberry Green Smoothie, Apple Salad with Sweet and Sour Dressing, Thai Pumpkin Soup, and Simple Chocolate Truffles. Free from harmful chemicals and common allergens, each delectable bite will nourish your body and leave you craving for more healthy food.

On Sale Date: June 13, 2017 9781462120581, 146212058X $24.99 USD, $28.99 CAD
Paperback Cooking \ Specific Ingredients \ Natural Foods, Cooking \ Health & Healing, Cooking \ Courses & Dishes
Front Table 224 pages 7inW | 9inH

Sacred Symbols audiobook: Finding Meaning in Rites, Rituals and Ordinances   by Alonzo L. Gaskill

By divine design, rites, rituals, and ordinances are filled with symbolic meaning intended to help us better understand God’s Plan. If we do not understand these symbols, we cannot fully understand our covenants. Narrated by the author, Alonzo L. Gaskill, this audiobook presents divers ancient and modern rituals as illustrations of symbols and practices Latter-day Saints may recognize. The ordinances of the Gospel are both the vehicle by which we make covenants and also a means by which God seeks to teach us. This truly unique audiobook will guide you to a richer understanding of, and appreciation for, what you hold sacred.

9781462120932, 1462120938 $19.99 USD
Audio CD Religion \ Christian Rituals & Practice, Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints

Seek and Find: Book of Mormon Stories board book  by Jason Pruett

Search for Nephi, Moroni, and other hidden prophets and scripture characters in this fun picture game book. Featuring scenes from the Book of Mormon, this sturdy board book is a great way to keep toddlers and older kids entertained as they look for their favorite scripture heroes and hidden objects in the colorful illustrations. Make the most of those quiet moments in church or on the go to help your kids connect with the scriptures in a whole new way!
9781462120994, 1462120997 $12.99 USD, $14.99 CAD Board Book
Juvenile Nonfiction \ Activity Books, Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 22 pages 5.625inW | 5.625inH

Beginner’s Dutch Oven Cookbook   by Mark Hansen, Matt Pelton

Everyone loves eating Dutch oven food, and now you can learn how to do it yourself. Let the pros show you how it’s done! Renowned Dutch oven chefs Matt Pelton and Mark Hansen team up to bring you this collection of their favorite never-fail recipes that’s perfect for Dutch oven beginners. Filled with expert advice to help you make the most of your oven and brand-new recipes from each author!
On Sale Date: June 13, 2017 9781462121007, 1462121004 $12.99 USD, $14.99 CAD
Paperback Cooking \ Methods \ Outdoor Cooking \ Methods \ Special Appliances
Hobble Creek Press 160 pages 6inW | 9inH