June 2011 New Releases

Divorce, chores, parenting, marriage, love, relationships, equality in the homeI Almost Divorced My Husband, But I Went On Strike Instead, by Sherri Mills

Sherri Mills eagerly took over all household and child rearing duties at the beginning of her marriage. Years later, exhausted and angry from her husband’s do-nothing attitude but having a “No Divorce” goal, she went on strike””and it worked! Sherri’s candid confessions of going from picket fences to picket signs will have you laughing your way to a permanent, equitable division of labor and domestic bliss.

The Misadventures of Phillip Isaac Penn, by Donna L. Peterson

Pip is always finding himself in the middle of some kind of trouble, and no wonder! Every day of the week, there are dirt clods to dodge, liars to expose, and dirty cheats to foil. Plagued by problems, Pip somehow manages to figure out a few things that maybe””just maybe””will keep him out of hot water. Hey, it’s not easy being a kid!

Shattered Lives, Shattered Dreams: The Untold Story of America’s Enemy Aliens in World War II, by Russell W. Estlack

Anti-communist paranoia during World War II led to the internment of thousands of German-Americans in prison camps throughout the United States. For the first time ever, former internees and their families are given a voice as they describe their appalling lives in the camps and how they are still impacted more than 65 years later.

Perdition’s Gateway, by Terrance S. Drake

Cryonic researcher Dr. Conner Brandt has volunteered to die–for one year. But his business partners, sensing enormous profit, and a dying billionaire, desperate for a chance at life, won’t wait that long before they use his research for themselves. What they don’t know is that Brandt is fighting, quite literally, to save the world””and his soul.


Understanding the New Testament: 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon, by William Victor Blacoe

If you told someone living twenty centuries ago, “Use the mouse to click on the button,” they would be completely baffled. The reverse is also true. Our culture has evolved since Bible times, and therefore the message and doctrinal content of the Apostle Paul’s epistles becomes cryptic. With detailed commentary, this bookwill enlighten your mind, helping you better grasp hundreds of verses in these four epistles.

In the Company of Angels, by David Farland

The Willie Handcart Company of 1856 experienced both trials and miracles. Become part of the company as you follow three of its members in a moving masterpiece that takes you from the green fields of Denmark to the icy peaks of the Rockies in a saga that elevates and enriches all readers.


Sinner’s Advocate: An LDS Perspective on the Morality of Criminal Defense, by Taylor Hartley


How can you justify defending criminalsand being a dedicated member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? For most, the guilty are our enemies. But are we not all guilty before God? Attorney Taylor Hartley uses scriptures, testimony, and real-life examples to explain how all followers of Christ’s merciful example have a moral obligation to be an advocate for others.

I Am Peter, by Arnold S. Grundvig, Jr.

Peter is just a simple fisherman from Galilee, but with two words–follow me–his world changes. Striving to understand the Master’s teachings, Peter follows Christ to the cross and beyond, becoming the Lord’s prophet and witness. If you have ever wished that the New Testament read more like a novel, this book is for you.


The Worth of A Soul, by Steven A. and Laurel Cramer


It is never too late to repent. That is the message Steven A. and Laurel Cramer hope to convey as they relate the struggles they went through to overcome Steven’s addiction, repair their marriage, and rely on the Atonement’s power to carry them through it all. Told with love and understanding, this book is perfect for those who are battling with their own addictions and for their loved ones who are looking for healing.


Flames of Redemption, by Michelle Thompson

Fifteen-year-old Jane Carter’s last foster family was abusive. Broken and scarred, her search for healing with her new family, and the prospect of facing her abuser again, lead her to a decision: cling on to her hate, fear, and bitterness or, like the mythical phoenix, let herself be engulfed in flames and be reborn from the ashes.


Already to Harvest, by Hartman Rector, Jr.

Many members of the LDS Church worry about sharing the gospel. Hartman Rector Jr. addresses the most common concerns associated with missionary work and shares examples of how easy and successful missionary work can be. Filled with how-to’s and helpful hints, this book is perfect for adding extra excitement to the missionary efforts of both missionaries and members.


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