July LDS nonfiction includes bright futures, choosing a spouse, and foreign versions of a bestseller

July Radiant releasesJohn Pontius’ “Visions of Glory” was our bestselling title in 2013 and continues to sell well. Among our July LDS nonfiction releases are the Portuguese and Spanish version of this bestseller. Teens and young adults will also find our other releases to be of particular interest.

Each of these books will hit the market on July 9 and will be available in bookstores and from online retailers.

My-Futures-so-Bright-I-gotta-wear-shades-2x3-webMy Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades:
An LDS Teen’s Guide to Success” by Trina Boice

Ten-year weather forecast: grab your sunglasses because sunny skies are in your future! Popular author and speaker Trina Boice helps youth navigate education, missions, love, careers, trials, and more through “eternal-perspective eyewear.” If you focus on the things in life you can control, you decide how successful your future will be.




Choosing Your Eternal Companion:
Decoding the Dating Game Using the Choosing-your-Eternal-Companion_Robert-K-McIntosh_Family Proclamation

by Robert McIntosh

Plucking petals off daisies or making a pros and cons list can sometimes be helpful. But there’s a better way to decide whom to marry and if you are ready. Using the family proclamation, Robert McIntosh takes the guesswork out of selecting your spouse and preparing for marriage. You will be able to determine whether you are right for each other based on your priorities, goals, and beliefs.



“Visions of Glory” by John Pontius (Spanish/Portuguese editions)

In this true account of near-death experiences, now translated into Portuguese and Spanish, we learn about the miracles of the Millennium, Visions-of-Glory-(Spanish-Edition)-2x3the return of the Ten Tribes, the building of the New Jerusalem and temple, and many other astonishing events long prophesied in scripture but never before described in such vivid detail. “Visions of Glory” is a mesmerizing and fascinating read that you will not be able to put down.