July releases from Cedar Fort!

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Southern-on-a-Shoestring_9781462118519Southern on a Shoestring

Kim McCallie
Capture the spirit of Southern cooking without financial sacrifice! This book contains easy tips for tasty Southern dishes meals like Honey Lime Cilantro Wings, Grits-Stuffed Shrimp, and Pecan Pie. You’ll even find advice for using leftovers and pantry staples to whip up a delicious Dixie meal. Enjoy the comfort and hospitality of the South—no matter where you live or what your budget!
Front Table Books
208 pages; 8 in x 9 in


sigil-in-shadow_9781462118731Sigil in Shadow

Constance Roberts
One lie saved Ellary’s life, but another may cause her to lose it. With just a few simple words, Ellary goes from poverty to nobility—and lands right in the middle of a society that will soon crumble under the weight of hierarchy. The only way to survive is to assume the role that she was never prepared for, or her future will rest at the of tip of a blade.
ISBN: 9781462118731
National YA Fantasy
256 pages – 5.5 x 8.25 in.





Dutch-Oven-Favorites_9781462118984Dutch Oven Favorites: More of the Best from the Black Pot

Mark Hansen
Unleash the potential power of the most versatile pot in your kitchen! Make the best Dutch oven meals with over 80 easy-to-follow recipes in this collection. Enjoy traditional dishes, like Long-Roasted Beef Brisket and Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, or take a bite out of more elaborate recipes, including Venison Stew and Tandoori Chicken—and don’t forget Pecan Date Pie for dessert!
Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1898-4
176 pages – 6 x 9 in.



LDS-Organ-Playing_9781462118472_webLDS Organ Playing: From Ivory Keys to Organ Pedals

Brandon Eden
Expand your musical talents and bring the hymns to life! Handy for beginning organists with a piano background, this quick-start guide will teach you which keyboard to use, what buttons to push, and how to play the pedals. Complete with hymns adapted for the organ, LDS Organ Playing will give you the tools you need to become successful and confident on the bench.
ISBN: 9781462118472
LDS nonfiction / music
48 pages – 8.5 x 11 in.
Saddlestitch binding



Reaching-Through-the-Veil_9781462118717_webReaching Through the Veil: Angels in Everyday Life

Sherrie Anthony
We are not alone in this life. God sends angels to teach, protect, warn, and comfort each of us in our individual circumstances. With tender stories and profound insights, this book highlights the different types of angels, the roles they play in mortality, and how we can grow closer to our family members on the other side. Recognize the angels at work in your own life!
ISBN: 9781462118717
LDS nonfiction / eschatology
224 pages – 6 x 9 in.




Open-your-mouth_9781462118922Open Your Mouth! What to Say When Sharing the Gospel

Mark A. Matthews
Confidently share the joyful gift of the gospel! The message of the Restoration has the potential to change the world—all we need to do is open our mouths. This encouraging book outlines how to use the Bible in member-missionary work, testify of Joseph Smith, and invite others to come unto Christ. Remember, we’re not asked to convert, just to extend the invitation. So open your mouth and testify!
LDS nonfiction
176 pages – 6 x 9 in.



Courage-Stories-of-100-People-9781462119097Courage: Stories of 100 People Who Changed the World

Roy Russell
Courage is saving the lives of not only your comrades, but also your enemies. Courage is not giving up even though your last five pairs of legs have. Courage is standing up by sitting down. This book, filled with 100 stories of people who changed the world in their own courageous way, will help you discover your own courage.
Plain Sight
ISBN: 9781462119097
National Nonfiction: History
336 pages, 6 x 9 inches




Confident-House-Hunter_9781462118977The Confident House Hunter: A Home Inspector’s Tips for Finding Your Perfect House

Dylan Chalk
With a zillion houses out there, find your perfect home in the midst of imperfection. In The Confident House Hunter, home inspector Dylan Chalk weaves over a decade of home inspection experience into stories and tips with easy-to-understand language, teaching homebuyers and real estate professionals how to look at and understand houses like a pro.
Plain Sight
ISBN: 9781462118977
National Nonfiction
288 pages – 6 inches x 9 inches