Joseph Smith, baptism, meaningful lives, and the Holy Ghost focus of LDS August titles

August LDS releasesThis month’s LDS nonfiction releases include new versions of a popular children’s title and works from some of our most respected authors.

These titles hit the market on Aug. 12.

Journal-of-Joseph-2x3Journal of Joseph” compiled by Lee Nelson

Praise to the man who communed with Jehovah! Read Joseph Smith’s own account of his revelations, persecutions, disappointments, accomplishments, and day-to-day happenings. This one convenient volume assembles the great majority of his first-person journal entries and letters from the seven-volume “History of the Church.” Discover who Joseph was and gain a profound glimpse into his life.


I Want to Be Baptized” by Annalisa Hall, illustrated by Corey EgbertI-want-to-be-Baptized_2x3-web

Help your little ones recognize the joy, responsibility, and importance of being baptized.  “I Want to Be Baptized”—from the same author and illustrator who brought you “The Holy Ghost Is like a Blanket”—depicts what baptism really means for children’s lives by comparing it to objects they remember and relate to. Turn to these heartwarming illustrations and meaningful analogies next time a child asks you about baptism.

Make-Everyday-Meaningful_2x3Make Every Day Meaningful: Realize, Record,
and Remember Life’s Grand Lessons

by Randal A. Wright

Sometimes day-to-day life hardly feels journal-worthy. But Randal Wright demonstrates how you can use experiences from your life to make better decisions, feel increased gratitude, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, more easily prepare talks and lessons, create a personal history for your posterity, and find God in your daily life. Make the world around you—every minute of every day—your classroom.

“I Want to Be Baptized” board book, Spanish and Portuguese editionsHoly-Ghost-is-like-a-Blanket-BOARD-BOOK_2x3-web

Your children don’t see the Holy Ghost, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel His presence. With heart-warming illustrations, “The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket” depicts characteristics of the Holy Ghost by comparing them to objects children remember and relate to. These meaningful analogies will help your little ones recognize the Holy Ghost as a real influence in their lives.