January LDS nonfiction releases sure to please all ages

January LDS releasesFrom the very young to the, uh, not-so-young, there’s something of interest for you in at least one of our January LDS nonfiction releases.

The titles are slated for a Jan. 10, 2014, release, but if you can’t wait until then, pre-order them from any online retailer that sells books. If you can wait until Jan. 10, then get your copy in bookstores or from online retailers. Buy from both if you’re gifting one or all of the books. Go ahead, we won’t tell.

About the books and authors:

Reverently,-Quietly_2x3“Reverently, Quietly” by Pamela Jensen

When the wiggles come and boredom strikes, it can be difficult for little ones to sit through long church meetings. “Reverently, Quietly” not only keeps boredom at bay, but also instructs and invites the Spirit. Containing drawing activities, matching games, and coloring pages, all Church-centered, this is a quiet book that all children will enjoy!

Pamela R. Jensen was born into a family of 10 children, she was the oldest girl and second child. She spent a majority of her childhood entertaining her younger siblings. Drawing has always been apart of who she is, always sketching anything and everything. She can remember getting into trouble for drawing on the walls. She now lives with her husband, a retired farmer and miner, in Grantsville, Utah. They have five children, and ten grandchildren who love to draw with grandma. Jensen sketches and draws because she can’t stop. She tells her grandchildren to put a pencil or a pen in hand hand and it automatically starts to draw, almost without thinking. She has made some pretty impressive doodles in her time.

“Fire on Ice” by Jeremy HolmFire-on-Ice_2x3

Racing down an icy track at 80 miles per hour leads you to think of many things. For Holm, it made him think of God. In “Fire and Ice,” Holm shares his experiences as a bobsled pilot and coach, presenting a message of faith and personal courage that will inspire you to come closer to Jesus Christ and reach for that ultimate prize of eternal life.

Author, journalist, motivational speaker, graphic designer and avid bob sledder. Holm is a man of many talents. Among other things, he is also a student of World War II history and a connoisseur of books, which he sees as old friends. As a motivational speaker, he enchants his audience with stories of his academic achievements, athletic adventures and hilarious experiences from his life as a single college student. One of Holm’s greatest desires is to help people find the courage to go after their dreams, or, as he says, their personal “Olympics.”

Power-Parenting_2x3“Power Parenting in the LDS Home:
Avoid the 25 Most Common Mistakes”
by Randal A. Wright

“When I’m a parent, I’ll never…” Randal Wright, PhD, interviewed over 500 LDS adults about their upbringing. Each chapter in “Power Parenting in the LDS Home” is based on the most common mistakes and successes of the interviewees’ parents, such as being available during critical times in their children’s lives and making the home a place of fun and laughter. Become the extraordinary parent you want to be!

Wright has been fascinated by the study of families for many years. Seeking ways to raise righteous children led to his receiving a B.S. and M.S., with an emphasis in the family area, and then a Ph.D. in Family Studies from Brigham Young University. He worked for many years as an Institute director for the Church Education System and taught at BYU in the religion department. He has written several books on family topics including “Families in Danger: Protecting Your Family in an X-rated World,” “Building Better Homes and Families,” and “The Case for Chastity: Helping Youth Stay Morally Clean.” He has spoken across the United States, Canada and England and has been a frequent speaker at BYU Campus Education Week and the Especially for Youth program for many years. Wright and his wife Wendy live in Austin, Texas, and are the parents of five children and sixteen grandchildren.