January 2011 Releases

The Utah Story by Seth Sorenson

From dinosaurs to Olympic medals, Utah’s story is action-packed and full of adventure. And now you can hold that story in your hands! Perfect for students of all ages, this fascinating book brings Utah history to life. Whether you’re a native Utahn or you’re just passing through, you’ll love reading about the unique stories, events, and people that shaped Utah into the great state it is today.




Modern Fables by Ted L. Gibbons and Michael Wilcox

This delightful collection of modern fables combines traditional storytelling with contemporary values. From snakes who want to wear pants to polar bears with tropical vacation plans, these stories are full of fun and are beautifully illustrated. Perfect for bedtime stories or any time the family gets together, this book is guaranteed to be a treasured favorite in your home for years to come.




Families on the Go by Suzie Roberts

Family meals have never been easier! Give yourself a break with a Make-Ahead Meal Group to create delicious dishes that you can freeze for future dinners. With these home-cooked, kid-tested meals, you’ll have dinner ready in minutes and everyone will be asking for more. Let the simplicity and ease of Families on the Go untangle your life.




Impractical Grace by John Bushman

A marriage in ashes, a heartbreaking accident, and an excruciating childhood – is there any limit to God’s power to heal, strengthen, and transform? Bishop North helps the members of his ward as they try to overcome life’s challenges. Take part in these doctrinal insights to the Savior’s grace and love in this compelling novel full of true-to-life stories of hardship and hope.




From the Heart: Charity in the Book of Mormon by Marilyn Arnold

As another testament of Jesus Christ, it only makes sense that the Book of Mormon would testify of Christ’s most important quality: charity. Learn to develop this Christlike trait in your own life with this in-depth look at how charity is manifested in the events, themes, and people of the Book of Mormon. Increase your understanding of the greatest of all virtues.




300 Questions for A More Vibrant Marriage by Shannon Alder

Have a more vibrant, unified marriage with the help of this handy guide. With over 300 questions on topics ranging from intimacy to finances, this book provides a starting point for couples to sit down and talk about what’s really important. Discover untold dreams or ways to be better parents as you develop open, honest communication that will last a lifetime.




Bumpy Landings by Donald Carey

When Jordan MacDonald goes behind his mother’s back to get his pilot’s license, he soon finds out that a life full of dishonesty attracts more turbulence than he’s ever faced in the air. Set against the majestic backdrop of the Hawaiian islands, this heartwarming story of romance and self-discovery will take you to new heights with each turn of the page.




The Upside of Down by Rebecca Talley

Natalie Drake certainly has her hands full with raising a large family, dealing with her difficult mother, and maintaining a relationship with her rebellious teenager. But when she’s called to be the Relief Society president and finds out she’s pregnant as well, Natalie must learn to trust in a plan that isn’t what she imagined and discover that every situation has an upside.




All That Was Promised by Vickie Hall

When a Methodist minister meets a Mormon missionary, his life is changed forever. But this new convert soon finds himself struggling to recognize the promised blessings of the gospel when violent persecution shakes the fledgling Church in Wales. Told with passion and heart, this triumphant tale is guaranteed to uplift and inspire.





Temples to Dot the Earth by Richard Cowan

Now more than ever before the hearts of the children are being turned to their fathers, and the sacred saving ordinances for both the living and the departed are linking generations together. Temples to Dot the Earth is a testament to the fulfilling of that promise.This book offers a wealth of information on temples and temple work, beginning with an overview of temple worship in former dispensations and then recounting the temple story from the beginning of the Restoration through the twentieth century.



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