It’s in the Bag!

With all the natural disasters happening around the world, it only makes sense to have food storage in our homes. Whether you’re just getting started, have a 3-month storage, or are an old time pro, It’s in the Bag: A New Approach to Food Storage, will have you storing what you eat and eating what you store.

Written by Michelle and Trent Snow, they share that gathering food storage can be overwhelming! Their book will teach you a fast, convenient, delicious, and inexpensive method for ‘baby stepping’ your way to family food security. Even if you already have a year’s supply stored away, you’ll learn how to save space and time by organizing your food storage using this convenient new bag system. With over 100 recipes for breakfasts and dinners, you’re sure to find something even your pickiest eaters will enjoy. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to simply grab a bag, follow the recipe, and enjoy a delicious meal your family will love!

The following is an excerpt from the book; Michelle goes into a little more detail about the bag meal system, “Everything you need to prepare a complete meal is in the bag. Everything means everything; for example, meat, vegetables, spices, fruit, water to cook pasta or rice, and the recipe is all included in the bag. There are however, a few recipes that require pantry items such as peanut butter, vinegar, or vegetable oil.”

Just some reasons to try the Bag System: organized and complete meals, save time and money, shorter prep time, everything is pre-measured, it’s a great way to build your food storage, easy to rotate so you know when to replace food items, you’ll always be prepared with a meal on short notice, and they are easy to transport!

Interested in this new food storage system? Order It’s In the Bag!