How to Get Your Book and Story on a Daytime Show

Recently, some of our authors have received significant media attention. There have been questions on how to copy their success. There are some basic rules and tools you can use to accomplish this task for yourself. Below, we will summarize those steps for you.

The first step is to have a close relationship with your marketer. Have you spoken to them in the last 2 weeks? If not it would be wise to send them an email, or call them. Each of our marketers are experts in their particular field. If you are a CFI author and do not know who your marketer is, look at the list below and feel free to contact them.


Also, signing up for services like HARO and Reporter Connection would be beneficial. These are sites where reporters go to look for sources to complete a story. By signing up you will get alerts to stories that might fit your book and story. It is smart to have a pitch letter written (as a template) so you can modify it to each opportunity. Your marketer could help you in writing this pitch story. They can also give you the proper guidance for your genre.


Furthermore, maintaining a social presence is key. By posting daily on Facebook and Twitter you will gain a following which will allow you to direct your fans to go and buy your book at the appropriate time. You can also look into having a Blog Tour. This is a service our marketing coordinator, Scott, can help you with.


Finally, the best way to get noticed is by continuing to share your story with as many people as possible. The more press releases and pitch letters you send out the better. You are the best story teller for your book. Feel free to contact your marketer with any questions.