How to get the most out of General Conference

how to get the most out of general conference

While General Conference is a great opportunity to learn and grow spiritually, it is important that we are prepared to listen to Conference in order to get the most out of it. Here are some ways to get more out of General Conference before, during, and after.

Before General Conference

Know who the speakers are

General Conference becomes more personal if you know who the speakers are. It is helpful to review the faces and names of General Authorities so that you recognize them when they are speaking. If you already know who they are, try learning more about their life story so that you can better connect with their message.

Review the purpose of General Conference

General Conference is an opportunity to hear messages from our living prophets. We receive counsel, are promised blessings, and can get specific answers to our prayers. God has promised that listening to General Conference will provide us with more faith, stronger testimonies, and personal revelation.

Prepare personal questions

A great way to prepare for General Conference is to make a list of deep questions for which you would like guidance. Having questions in mind can help make the talks more personal to you and allow you to receive revelation.

Pray for the Spirit

Pray before General Conference that you will be able to receive revelation. Ponder and pray about the questions you might have in preparation for conference. Ask that you may have an open heart and a positive attitude. Think about areas of your life that might need improvement.

During General Conference

Take notes

Taking notes is a great method to stay focused during General Conference. Feel free to write down quotes that you like or inspiration that you receive. Just keep your notes short and simple so that you don’t focus too much on writing instead of listening.

Listen carefully

Listen attentively to the speakers. If you are in your own home, try to avoid getting too comfortable. One way to stay engaged is to listen for repetition. There are usually many repeated themes, scriptures, or phrases during General Conference. This repetition usually signifies that a topic is an important one to focus on.

Sing the hymns

Whether you are listening to General Conference in the Conference Center or in your own home, participate by singing the congregational hymns. Singing hymns can help strengthen the Spirit in your home and may even provide inspiration.


After General Conference

Study the talks

Read or listen to the talks again in order to get deeper meaning and understanding from them. Review footnotes and references to find other sources about the same topic. You can even incorporate talks and themes into your Family Home Evening lessons.

Review your notes

Read over your notes after General Conference to remember the inspiration that you received and the things that you learned. Use your notes to help you act on what you felt prompted to improve in your life.

Personal application

Strive to personally apply what you learned in General Conference. Although we gather as a body of Saints only twice a year, we should try to live the principles taught throughout the entire year. Set personal goals to improve, and work on keeping them. Another way to apply teachings from General Conference is to use outside resources like Growing Up with Conference which can provide examples of personal application for you to implement in your life.