Golden Moments

J. Golden Kimball’s Golden Moments

Arnold Dee White collected the quotes in this compilation. They will bring a smile to your face and introduce you to one of the most captivating general authorities of our time, President J. Golden Kimball. Brother White worked as secretary to the Quorum of the Seventy during the last two years of President Kimball’s life. During that time President Kimball was the senior president.

    Brother White continued to work as secretary to the quorum until 1946 when he was drafted by the Melchizedek Priesthood Committee as secretary.
    He later worked in real estate and building. He retired in 1975 when he and his wife were called on a mission to Hawaii. They later served missions in Richmond, Virginia, San Diego, California, and in the Tempe, Arizona mission.
    As a young man Brother White served a full-time mission in England. He married Erma Manwill in 1934. They had three children, 24 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren, “and more to come.”

A few excerpts:

One of the Brethren one time said, “Brother Kimball, why do you use so man “˜damns’ and “˜hells’ in your sermons?”
    “Well, if I didn’t use a good hard damn once in a while they wouldn’t pay any more attention to what I say than they do to what you say.”

Brother Kimball enjoyed the gift of healing. During the years that I was in the office of the First Council, whenever it was known that President Kimball was at the office, there would be a train of people constantly coming in to receive blessings.
One particular day, about thirteen people had called on J. Golden Kimball for blessings with which I helped him. He was in his eighty-fifth or eighty-sixth year, and the energy and strength it took to administer to all of these people just about knocked him out.
I think it was along about nearly five-o’clock when we finished the thirteenth administration. As the door closed behind, J. Golden Kimball slumped back on the big council table and said:
    “Brother White, I can’t understand why so many people come to me to be blessed for their health when I’m near damn dead myself.”

This little book was first published in 2006, but it has just been newly released with a new cover. It is a must for every Latter-day Saint home!