Getting Creative with My Website

This is a guest post by Christy Monson. Christy will have a book launch for her book Texting Through Time, A Trek with Brigham Young at theDeseret Book Store by the Ogden TempleNovember 5th, 11am ““ 1 pm. Bring your kids. Dress up as Brigham Young. Refreshments will be provided.

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I’ve traveled a magnificent road from writing to publication and loved every minute of it. But I’d like to share my experience ofbuilding my website. I’ve had such a fun time with it.

First of all, I don’t have the skills to build the actual site myself, so I found someone whohas done a wonderful job with that part. I just told him what I wanted, sent him the information and pictures, and he provided.

Since my first book is about Brigham Young, I decided to give my website a pioneer theme. Researching children’s pioneer games, crafts, and cooking took me back to my childhood. We have a cabin in the Tetons where my father grew up, and I had done many of these things as a girl. I wanted pictures of kids on the website, so I orchestrated craft and cooking sessions this summer when we were together with the children in Idaho.

The girls loved making paper dolls. They colored them and kept them together in chains at first. Then they ripped them apart and spent the afternoon playing house with them. I didn’t think they’d have much fun making forest creatures, but they LOVED it. They spent a couple of hours finding twigs and leaves and pinecones they could tie together with string, etc. I purposefully didn’t use little eyes and other craft materials of today because I wanted to be true to the pioneer period. Gathering wild flowers also appealed to the crafty kids.

Cooking was also fun. Shaking the cream jar to music until the butter formed, energized them so they continued the dance fest with dress-up clothes long after the butter hardened. Fishing was the boys’ favorite. They sat by the stream for hours casting and recasting.

I was also surprised at the games. We started playing hide the thimble outside. I thought they’d only play long enough for me to snap some pictures, but they continued for almost an hour. Jack Straws was another activity they loved. Each of them made their own set of straws, and that was as fun as the game itself. I wanted an activity for the smaller children, and follow the leader was the one they enjoyed. (Maybe tromping around in my cousin’s grain field added to the delight””they stayed on the edge so as not to damage too much wheat.)

Visit the website and have as good a time with the pioneer theme as we did.

I’d love to hear from each of you about great experiences you’ve had with old-fashioned ideas. If you’re willing I’ll share them on my site.