Fred Woods

Fred Woods
Dr. Fred E. Woods completed a B.S. degree in Psychology (1981) and a M.S. degree in International Relations (1985) from Brigham Young University. In 1991 he earned a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies from the University of Utah with an emphasis in Hebrew Bible. He is a professor at Brigham Young University in the department of Church History & Doctrine. Professor Woods has lectured at many universities in America and internationally and is the author of a number of books and many articles. Professor Woods is a bridge builder among peoples of varied cultures and faiths and held the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding (2005-2010). He has also produced several documentaries, including the recent film, “The Soul of Kalaupapa,” and was the historical consultant for “Fires of Faith,” a three hour documentary on the history of the English Bible; both released this past fall. His most recent publications include Gathering to Laie (co-authored, 2011) and Mormon Yankees: Giants On and Off the Court. He is currently producing a documentary on the Mormon Exodus from the Mexican colonies to El Paso for the centennial anniversary of this event. Dr. Woods is the compiler and editor of the website Mormon Migration He is married to JoAnna Merrill and they are the parents of five children and four grand-daughters
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Books Published with Cedar Fort: Mormon Yankees: Giants on and off the Court (2012)


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