Fiction Focus: Vickie Hall’s ‘Journey of Promise’

Vickie Hall’s “Journey of Promise” is the sequel to 2011’s “All That Was Promised” and will be released on Mar. 12, 2013. You can pre-order the book right now on and

What’s the book about? Good question.

When converts Richard and Leah Kenyon leave Wales and heed the call to Zion, they are unprepared for the toll exacted by the journey. To face the incredible odds mounted against them they call upon the Lord’s tender mercies to see them through and strengthen their love for one another. Their story will remind you where to turn during your trials.

Check out the official “Journey of Promise” book trailer and keep reading for an excerpt.


A loud stir at the front of the store coupled with the sound of Niall’s raised voice brought Richard to his feet. He hurried through the storeroom only to be stopped by a pair of policemen and a constable. The policemen circled to his back as Richard eyed the constable with caution. “Is there a problem?”

Niall and Jonah came to a halt behind the constable, their eyes wide and unblinking. The policemen sandwiched Richard between them as the constable shot Richard a hateful look. “You’re under arrest for the attempted murders of Fiona Trahern, Mary Weylin, and Beth Cardigan.”

“What? You can’t be serious!” Richard tried to jerk free of the policemen but their hold only tightened. “There must be some mistake.”

The constable nodded at the policemen. “Tell it to the magistrate,” he barked.

“No!” Niall shouted. “You has the wrong man!”

“Takes your hands off him!” Jonah yelled, trying to wedge his way between the constable and Richard. “President Kenyon would never do nothin’ like that!”

The constable shoved Jonah aside and led the way to the front door.

“It’s all right, Jonah,” Richard said in a calm voice. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

He didn’t resist the policemen as they ushered him from the store. He glanced over his shoulder at Niall and Jonah as if to reassure them. Then he faced forward and kept his eyes locked on the constable’s back, ignoring the curious onlookers who watched with interest as he was escorted down the street.

Richard’s mind raced as he tried to wrap his thoughts around the accusation. He remembered the day the three girls came into the store and surmised their visit must be connected to the charges against him. But what had happened to them? He couldn’t imagine how attempted murder could tie in with their visit. With Fiona Trahern named as one of the supposed victims though, Richard felt confident this was the good reverend’s doing.

When they entered the public offices of the magistrate, Richard winced. Before him sat Thomas Barton, a magistrate he’d encountered in the past. Barton hated the Church, a fact that had played into false accusations against Richard before. He braced himself now for Barton’s assault.