Fiction Focus: Sneak peek at Steve Westover’s ‘Gold Clash’

Jimmy from Steve Westover’s “Gold Clash” reminds the author of Shawn Spencer from USA Network’s “Psych,” minus the psychic mumbo jumbo and penchant for pineapples.

“Gold Clash” will be available in traditional book stores beginning Dec. 11, but you can pre-order a copy at or BarnesAndNoble.comright now.

Since you’re on the Internet right now, why not stop in on Westover’s website.

Take a peek at the following excerpt to get a glimpse of Jimmy for yourself.


Jimmy waved his hat high over his head. “Oh, and one last thingbefore we start our hike . . . electronics please.” Grumbles filled the morningair, and Jimmy laughed. “That’s right, bring them on over. I wantiPods, PSPs, anything with Nintendo on it, and of course . . . dun-dun-dun . . . cell phones.”

Angry youth surrounded Jimmy, snipingand murmuring. Jimmy shifted in place, looking as if a convict wasready to stab him with a shiv.

“Hey, easy, kids!” Sister Nichole Blair said as she moved next toJimmy to offer reinforcement. “Lindsay Brooke, you be nice,” shescolded a girl playfully.

Jimmy watched the woman and smiled. Her brown hair was heldback by a thick elastic headband, and her faded, well fit jeans and bootsmade her look like a cowgirl. His curious stare lingered a little bit long.

Liz brushed by Jimmy, handed him her cell phone, and mumbledunder her breath. “Creeper.”

Jimmy grinned. “Huh?” He thought for a moment and thenturned his gaze away from Nicki and whispered at Liz. “But she’scute . . . and single.”

“Ooh, gross! That’s Sister Blair!”

Jimmy laughed. “Yeah, I know.”

Nicki held a backpack open as the kids placed their contrabandelectronics inside. “Yes, you’ll get them back. No, you don’t need thecell phone for emergencies. Yes, your mom can get mad at me if shewants. No, it’s not a violation of your constitutional rights,” she said,responding to the myriad complaints.

“Thanks, Nicki. Man, those kids are tough,” Jimmy said with acrooked grin. “I was never like that.”

Nicki laughed. “Right, Jimmy. Whatever you say.”

Jimmy took the bag of electronics and placed it in the front passengerseat of the van. “Take good care of this stuff, or we’ll have ariot on our hands,” Jimmy told the driver.

When the gear was emptied from the vans and loaded into the wagon, the vanspulled away, spitting up a cloud of dust as the kids looked on,shocked that they were trapped in the middle of nowhere withoutmusic or texting.