Fiction Focus: Sneak peek at Jim Haberkorn’s ‘A Thousand Suns’

Thousand Suns 2x3Welcome to Round 2 of this month’s Fiction Focus excerpt series! Today we take another look at Jim Haberkorn’s “A Thousand Suns,” which will be released tomorrow, March 12, and is available right now onBooksAnd Things,

Haberkorn resides in Switzerland, but his heart ““ and his rough and tumble protagonist cowboy, Rulon Hurt ““ reside in Idaho, where “A Thousand Suns” begins.

“At times gritty, always funny, and full of non-stop action, “A Thousand Suns”will keep you up late into the night,” writes this reviewer of the book, which is the sequel to 2011’s “Einstein’s Trunk.”

About “A Thousand Suns”:
Every six months a Russian agent arrives at the Rockin’ Rooster saloon in Twin Falls, Idaho to fight local cowboy and laid-off spy Rulon Hurt. To the locals it’s great fun and even to Rulon and his punk wife Yohaba, it’s not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night. But when Rulon saves Boris, the latest Russian, from a gang of local skinheads, a feud ignites that quickly escalates out of control. Eventually an assassin is brought in from Germany, and Rulon is shot and left in a coma. Yohaba and Boris are now alone together. Great minds think alike. They back track the assassin to Zurich with the intent of settling the score.


“Mr. Hurt,” the Reverend said. “I believe we have something to discuss.”

“Yep,” Rulon replied.

“Do I have your permission to approach?” the Reverend asked.

“Yes, but please, no goose-stepping. It stirs up the dust.”

Over by the truck, Ed let out a laugh and got slapped across the back of his head by the man behind him.

“Certainly, Mr. Hurt, but please, no boot licking when I get there. Your Zionist puppet masters will be jealous.”

The Reverend advanced and stopped in the shade just out of Rulon’s reach. “Your eye looks painful, Mr. Hurt. How did it happen? Did you step on a rake?”

“No, it happened the usual Nazi way. Seven against one. Guns pointed at my head. Me unarmed and one sadistic brute swinging away.”

“A team effort then. Excellent! Sometimes we wonder if our training is taking effect.”

“After today, your team could have used more first aid training,” said Rulon dryly.

The Reverend crinkled the corners of his mouth into a forced smile. “I heard what some of my men did at your ranch this morning. You have to understand. We Aryans are fiercely loyal. It is part of our genetic, Teutonic heritage. Those men you pummeled last night were their friends. But I’d like to apologize. They were out of order.” As he talked, he occasionally smacked his thigh with the riding crop.

“Apology accepted,” Rulon said. He took his foot off the bumper and stood up straight. “They were butting in where they didn’t belong ““ trying to stomp a knocked-out Russian. Not very sporting.”

“Yes, old habits die hard, eh, Mr. Hurt? Operation Barbarossa lives on. It’s in their racial DNA.” And then raising his voice to oratorical levels, he said, “Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggle, and only in eternal peace does it perish.” He brought his voice back to normal and continued. “Recognize those words? They came from the lips of the Fuhrer himself. You should study his writings. You would find them most enlightening. Nothing like they are portrayed in the Zionist controlled media.”

“I’d rather re-watch Saving Private Ryan. Great movie. Ever seen it?”

“No. Propaganda of the worst kind. Wouldn’t waste my time. If memory serves me, lost the 1999 Best Picture Oscar to Shakespeare in Love. Need I say more?”

Drats, good comeback, thought Rulon. “A terrible injustice,” was all he could mutter in response.