Fiction Focus: ‘Raggleroot’ excerpt

Book 3 of the “Flin’s Destiny” series is titled “Raggleroot” and was released on Jan. 8. You can buy the book in book stores and on and

“Flin’s Destiny” was born as the result of a dream Olsen had while enduring an illness brought on by a habanero chili pepper.

Keep reading for a peek at what lies in store for you in “Raggleroot.”


Fezzy dropped to his knees and crawled through the remaining narrow gap to make it outside. Once there, he saw the base of the monstrous plant as it continued to grow and wrap every one of its limbs tightly around the Cathedral. Hardened pieces of petrified bark that had been part of the Cathedral for decades fell from the tree almost crashing down on top of Fezzy as the vicious metal plant relentlessly tore away at its surface.

As Fezzy cautiously neared the plant’s base he saw that the trunk was now nearly twenty feet across. He used both of his hands and quickly dug a hole next to it. He took the gooey seed out of his pocket and placed it into the wet fertile ground. He stepped back and watched apprehensively, moments passed and nothing happened. Then, without warning, the ground beneath his feet began to shake and rumble and spread outward. An enormous eruption followed, throwing dirt hundreds of feet into the air.

After the cloud of dirt had settled, Fezzy rushed to the edge of the new crater and looked down into where the seed had been planted. Yellow ooze reeking of acid and salt quickly began to gurgle up from the hole. Seconds later, the ooze shot out of the ground and high into the air where it immediately set up into a colossal yellow goo that quivered next to the Metal Tree. Sharply pointed salt crystals developed over its entire exterior.

As the Metal Tree continued to thrash on the exterior of the Cathedral, the mountainous goo grew several lengthy appendages that leaned out over and latched onto the violent limbs of the Metal Tree. The metal plant now had to abandon its focus on destroying the Cathedral and turned its energy on the mountainous goo. A struggle broke out between the two of them; the razor sharp appendages of the Metal Tree tearing into the soft tissue of the Goo Tree, while the Goo Tree latched on to the Metal Tree, binding its limbs. Both mutant plants limbs flung wildly at one another. All at once, the Goo Tree liquefied and turned into yellow ooze that spread over the entire surface of the Metal Tree. Orange and red blisters began to boil up and then pop over the entire surface of the metal plant. Red rust dripped out of its wounds, like blood. The Metal Tree fought to survive the obliteration of the acid eating Goo Tree, as its limbs lashed out one last time aggressively, causing an eerie sound of rushing wind that came from the razor sharp edges of the tree. A moment later, the metal beast that had been tearing away at the Cathedral turned into a fine rust powder that filtered through the air and settled to the ground. All that remained of the tree were large mounds of red, powdery rust all along the meadow floor.