Fiction Focus: Preview of ‘Flin’s Destiny’ series’ ‘Raggleroot’ (Book 3)

Erik Olsen’s “Raggleroot” is the third of five installments in the “Flin’s Destiny” series and is slated for a Jan. 8, 2013, release. You can pre-order the book right now on and

The “Flin’s Destiny” series was born from a dream the author had during an illness that stemmed from a run in with a habanero chili.

Keep reading for a preview of the book.


Flin raised Luftin’s knife. The tongue suddenly stopped inches away from Flowell’s face. It had detected her scent. Its tongue began to quiver and its nostrils flared. Large amounts of air could be heard rushing in and out of its enormous nose as it took several deep breaths. Abruptly, the Snazzard’s head lunged at Flowell. Flin jolted the knife in the air, slashing off the end of its tongue. Blood shot everywhere as it swiftly retracted back through its lengthy fangs and into its mouth.

Luftin again tried to divert the Snazzard’s attention by screaming up at the beast and swinging his arm wildly on the surface of the gassy pond.

“Coward! Leave them there children alone und come fight me, ya steroid-packed lizard!”

The Snazzard turned in his direction and leapt from the shore and into the air out after him. Luftin pulled back his arm and desperately threw the torch as far as he could into the center of the pond. The Snazzard crashed on top of him, throwing huge waves everywhere as the torch ignited the gas sending flames high into the air. Fire rapidly spread across the surface of the pond and chased the river upward through the winding rapids.

“Where’s Mr. Luftin?” shouted Flowell, throwing her hands over her eyebrows to avoid the scorching flames as she frantically raced towards the blazing shoreline.

“I can’t see him either!” screamed Sam, glaring down into the black liquid as flames raced across the pond toward her. A sudden surge of gas erupted from out of the pond as Luftin burst through the surface and quickly hobbled for the shore. The four of them rushed to the bank and dragged him as far out of the petroleum as they could. Luftin gasped for air as a wave of flames rushed out of the pond and raced up the shoreline after him. He took off in an attempt to escape.

“Look out!” screamed Flowell ,covering her mouth in horror.

Flin tried stamping the flames out, but it was too late. The blazing inferno caught hold of Luftin’s wooden leg and engulfed it. Luftin rolled back and forth in the dirt trying to douse out the flames. Triston was first to dive to the ground, followed by Flin and Pilt. They dug deep into the sandy beach and threw heaps of dirt on top of him, trying to keep the fire from spreading further up his leg and onto his saturated clothing.