Fiction Focus: Preview of Cindy Bennett’s ‘Rapunzel Untangled’

Welcome to Round 2 of our February authors’ sneak peeks!

Today, Cindy Bennett grabs your attention with an excerpt from her soon-to-be-released “Rapunzel Untangled,” which is currently available for pre-order on and and in bookstores beginning Feb. 12.

Bennett is the author of several books, including 2011’s “Geek Girl.”


“You said you can’t ever go outside. Why not? What happens if you do?” Fane asked.

“I’ll die,” she answered simply. “I have a disease”””

He stepped away from her, a small motion, but obvious nonetheless. “What kind of disease? Is it contagious?”

“No.” Her answer was firm. “I have SCIDs. It’s an immune system deficiency I was born with. If I’m exposed to any germs or bacteria, my body will be unable to fight them, and I’ll die.”

His look became even more worried. “Isn’t it dangerous having me here?”

She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter,” she said eyes turned to the floor. “I’ve been here alone for so long that sometimes I think it’s worth the risk, exposing myself, just to spend a few hours with someone.”

She moved forward into the room and the full light.

“Whoa!” he exclaimed, seeing her hair. “I have never seen hair like that. Can I touch it?”

She shied back for a moment, then realized he couldn’t hurt her by touching it. “Okay,” she said.

He crouched down next to her and almost reverently reached out. Taking one thick strand between his thumb and finger he slowly pulled downward until he had nearly reached the end before letting go.

“It’s so soft,” he murmured.

Her eyes dropped to the patch of hair on his chin. “May I?” she asked. He nodded and she touched the tips of her fingers to the bristly, wiry strands. She hadn’t felt anything like it before, rough and scratchy. Her eyes came to his in amazement.

He glanced up at her from beneath long, dark lashes, and her breath caught in her throat. She’d never been so close to a boy before. She’d never been so close to anyone before besides her mother. His eyes dropped to her mouth, and she unthinkingly licked her lips, remembering the kiss she had watched in the movie earlier. His eyes came back to hers, and something within their depths, something intense and hungry, sent a skitter down her spine.

He slowly lifted his face toward her.