Fiction Focus: Preston Norton’s ‘Blud and Magick’ preview

Preston Norton’s “Blud and Magick” will be released on Jan. 8, but you can get a free preview of the book by reading the excerpt below.

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Darla removed her slip of paper, rereading the message for the billionth time. But even that became boring. Boredom turned to frustration. She was prisoner here, and for nothing. Nothing she had done, at least. She was a prisoner just for existing. Her frustration channeled into hatred towards Zane and Gareth. This was all their fault. They had ruined her normal life. Everything!

A new idea stirred in her restless brain.

Darla poured all of her focus into the slip of paper. Not just the words, but the entire note in general.

Almost effortlessly, it floated out of her fingertips. The paper flipped and fluttered in the air, as if caught by some strange but gentle current of wind. She hardly needed any focus at all to keep it suspended.

So she eagerly searched the room for another object.

Several scented candles were lined up on the dresser in a neat row. Darla extended her fingertips to all of them. She could almost feel a sudden strange heat in the air.

One by one, each wick lit up systematically. All it took was the mere thought. The mere ease of it shocked her.

More intrigued than ever now, Darla turned her attention to the lamp by her bedside. The light bulb flickered. With just a simple mental nudge, the light grew brighter and dimmer at her will.

And then came the craziest idea of all. Her thoughts were no longer on any specific object, but rather every object in the room. She did not even bother to look around, but instead closed her eyes, focusing on the power within her. Somehow, in this strange meditative state, the room became all the more clear in her mind. As if her mental awareness had become a hundred eyeballs dotted throughout the room.

With eyes still closed, Darla raised her arms. She felt pressure against the power at her fingertips. But as she pushed back, the resistance quickly caved.

Darla opened her eyes. All around her, random objects levitated up to the ceiling. A mere subconscious thought caused the scattered mass of floating debris to orbit around her person. From a menagerie of stuffed animals, to books with their pages dangling open, to clothes, to feminine accessories, each item circled around her in a systematic flow of organized chaos. The lamp light grew brighter than ever, humming intensely.

In that brief moment, Darla felt all-powerful. She felt like a goddess.

She felt like she could rule the world.

In that instant, her sense of realization caught up with the direction her power-driven thoughts had taken her. Darla’s hands dropped, her concentration gone.

Everything fell to the floor in a scattered crash of heavy books and light clattering objects. Clothes and stuffed animals flopped noiselessly.