Fiction Focus: ‘Nathan of Silver Falls’ excerpt

Rebecca Woods’ “Nathan of Silver Falls” is the fourth book in the “Silver Falls” series and is now available at book stores and on and

Today’s excerpt comes from Chapter 17 of the book.


After their mother left the room, Meredith smiled at Andrew. “Reverend Sanderson called me Melanie,” she whispered mischievously.

“Did you tell him who you were?”

“No,” Merrie shook her head. “I thought it was funny.”

Andrew looked at her disapprovingly. “I would have told him.”

Meredith just shrugged. “He would never make the mistake with you.”

With a smile, she took down her braids and then disappeared from the kitchen. When she came back, she had a ribbon in her hair and was wearing a dress. Andy looked at her oddly, understanding that she was up to something, but not really sure what it might be.

“Come on,” Meredith prompted him, “let’s take the water out.” She flipped her hair back over one shoulder and hoisted the heavy bucket out the door and toward the fields.

When they arrived at the row of shocks, Melanie was heading back toward the house with her empty bucket. As she came face to face with Meredith, she stopped and checked out the queer difference in her sister’s appearance.

“You look like me,” she stated.

Meredith smiled and giggled. “Uh huh, and Reverend Sanderson even called me “˜Melanie’.”

Melanie smiled and giggled too, and then Meredith leaned over and whispered something into her sister’s ear. Now, Melanie would not have thought of such a thing on her own, but mischievous could have been Meredith’s middle name. As her whispered words landed upon her sister’s ears, the seed was sewn. With a giggle and a nod, she skipped back to the house in her wet dress, swinging the empty pail alongside her.