Fiction Focus: More from the forthcoming ‘Nathan of Silver Falls’

Rebecca Woods’ “Nathan of Silver Falls” will be released next Tuesday, Dec. 11, but why wait until then when you can pre-order the book on and right now?

You can also get a feel for what the story is about by reading the excerpt below and last week’s sneak peek.

“Nathan of Silver Falls” is the fourth installment in the “Silver Falls” series, which is comprised of “Hannah of Silver Falls,” “Angels and Promises of Silver Falls” and “Rising Winds of Silver Falls.”


Of late, Susannah Harrison had been actively avoiding the four walls of her house. She had tried to stay in college but, once again, had run out of funds. Then, with the marriage of her younger sisters, she came back and was now looking forward to playing the auntie role with the children she was sure would soon be forthcoming.

In the meantime, her father decided that she was getting entirely too old, and had renewed his efforts to marry her off. Susie had sought refuge many times at the Layne’s since then, ruminating over all the trials she had endured because of it. Suddenly, her uncle’s voice brought her thoughts back to the present.

“Well, they will surely be a great help for David when harvest comes along this year. With two hundred acres of wheat, he will likely have to hire the entire countryside to help bring it in.”

“What will he do with it all?” Hannah asked.

“Feed the entire world, I suppose,” Nathan offered good naturedly.

“Or amass the world’s finest dowry,” Susannah stated glumly.

“A dowry?” Nathan asked.

“I heard him tell my mother that if he had a large enough dowry for me, he was certain he could entice someone to ask for my hand. Oh!” she exclaimed, slapping the counter. “It is so humiliating! I wish he would just leave it alone.”

“Surely, it’s not that bad, is it?” he asked.

“Oh, not bad? Did you know he approaches perfect strangers on the street and asks if they are single? I won’t even go out in public with him anymore. This morning he said my dresses were too plain and that I needed to wear a tighter corset and more stylish, revealing clothes that will show off my figure.”