Fiction Focus: Last complimentary glance at ‘For What It’s Worth’

Today’s Fiction Focus installment concludes the free peeks at our December fiction titles. Starting next week, we’ll spotlight January’s titles: “Raggleroot” by Erik Olsen, “How I Got Rich Writing C Papers” by Andy Hueller and “Blud and Magick” by Preston Norton.

Today’s preview comes from Karey White’s “For What It’s Worth,” which is available in book stores and on and You can also get Karey to sign a copy of the book at the American Fork Seagull Books on Saturday, Dec. 22, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you’re one of the first 12 to purchase her book that day, you’ll get a free author-made gourmet cupcake!


Dane made circles with his thumb on my hand and then pulled my hand up and kissed it. “So my uncle in Portland just bought an old craftsman home that he wants to restore.”

“I didn’t know he was a builder.”

“He’s not. He’s a banker. He just likes what I’ve done with mine, so when he found a good deal on one down there, he snatched it up. He called this week to see if I wanted to come down there for a few months and be the general contractor for the restoration.”

“Oh,” I said. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me. “How long would you be gone?”

“If I moved down there and took on the job, I’d be gone at least two or three months.”

I took a deep breathand blew it out slowly. “Do you want to do it?”

“That’s just it. I don’t think I do. I told him I’d be glad to come down and work with whoever he finds, maybe spend a few days every couple of weeks, but I told him this wasn’t really a good time for me to leave.” I started breathing again. I looked at Dane and found that he was watching me intently.. “Did I tell him the right thing?” he asked

What did that even mean? Was he asking me if he should go? Of course I didn’t want him to go. Was he hinting at something bigger? It seemed like he was.

“Yeah, I think you did,” I said. I hugged his arm and leaned my head on his shoulder. He kissed my hair.

“Good. I was hoping so.”