Fiction Focus: Free preview of Vickie Hall’s ‘Journey of Promise’

Journey of Promise_2x3Vickie Hall’s second novel, “Journey of Promise,” is the sequel to 2011’s “All That Was Promised” and is now available in bookstores and on, and

“These stories are based on the journals of my great-great grandparents,” said Hall of her books. “They’ve really helped me bring my characters to life and give the stories an authentic flavor.”

About the “Journey of Promise”:

Richard and Leah Kenyon, along with family and friends, immigrate to Zion in 1849 leaving their beloved homeland of Wales. With great sacrifice and faith they prepare for their journey, but are unsuspecting of the exacting toll asked of the Atlantic Ocean and the mighty Mississippi.


Leah glanced around the house, the house she’d tended and cared for as if it were her own. She had moved into this house on her wedding day, had watched her husband pore over his Bible while writing his sermons, had listened to Ben Lachlan teach her the gospel, had conceived and delivered her child here, had spent countless hours living her life in this house. And now, as she faced her final hours within the walls of all she had known, her heart began to mourn. But the day of accounting had finally come and there was no turning back, she told herself. She tamped down her feelings of sorrow and tried to concentrate on the day they would arrive in Zion, a day worth the cost of their sacrifice and hardship.

She couldn’t sleep for all the memories that crowded into her thoughts, as if they were reminding her not to forget them. She tried to match her breathing to the steady pattern of her husband’s, thought she might meld into him and his sleep. It did no good and she lay there staring up at the ceiling with only her rambling thoughts for company.

When dawn crept over the horizon and lit the sky with pearled pink and orange, Leah sat up and threw back the covers. The family would need a good, warm breakfast to see them to the steamer that would take them to Liverpool. But before she left the bedroom, Leah knelt down and prayed. She prayed one last time in her little cottage in the safety of Wales, one last time before her life changed forever.