Fiction Focus: Free peek at Shannon Guymon’s ‘Do Over’

If you want a copy of Shannon Guymon’s “Do Over,” you’ll have to wait until it’s released on Feb. 12. That doesn’t mean you can’t read part of it today, though!

Keep reading for a free sneak peek at “Do Over,” which is available for pre-order on and BarnesAndNoble.comright now.


Moving on to the ice cream aisle, she glared at the tall manstanding right in front of the Ben and Jerry’s. She was patient though.

She studied her amazing, deadly reflection in the glass doors and noddedher head. She was one tough, strong woman.

The man sensed her presence and turned to look at her over hisshoulder. He reminded her a little of that actor Ryan Gosling. Way toocute for his own good. His eyes widened a little, but he didn’t lookscared or nervous. Iris frowned. She’d have to practice looking mean inthe mirror when she got home. The man smiled at her as if he were agiant Ken doll and held up two cartons of ice cream.

“What sounds better? Chunky Monkey or Late Night Snack?”

Iris was surprised he was trying to engage her in conversation. Shehad gone to great lengths to put an invisible STAY AWAY sign on herforehead. But he was one of those ultra-beautiful men who probablycouldn’t comprehend a woman not wanting to talk to him. Just likeRiley. They actually looked a tiny bit alike. Except this guy was tallerand bulkier, his hair was lighter and sun streaked, and his eyes werelight blue, not hazel. His smile was nicer than Riley’s too. He’d probablyspent a lot of time torturing innocent women with that dangerous smileof his. Actually he was nothing like Riley. But Riley had taught her well.

She was on to him. But at the same time, he did have a good question.

Iris walked forward and looked studiously at the two cartons theman held. “You’d have to really love banana-flavored ice cream, chocolate,and walnuts to go for this one. Late Night Snack? Isn’t that thechocolate covered potato chip one?”

The man grinned and read the carton. “That is so weird. Have youtried it?”

Iris nodded sagely and looked at the shelves full of ice cream. “Ofcourse. I wouldn’t consider myself a true Ben and Jerry’s fan if I didn’ttry every flavor they came out with.”

The man put the Chunky Monkey back and put the Late NightSnack ice cream in his cart. “Well, now I’m intrigued. What flavor doesa serious fan go for?”

Iris scanned the shelves and sighed happily as she snagged theChunky Monkey he had just put back. “And to think this is the lastone,” she said. She gave him her nastiest grin as she put the beloved icecream in her cart and walked away.

“Hey! You just played me,” the man yelled, following quickly afterher.

Iris grinned wickedly. Had he not seen the boots? Honestly, thisguy was not good at reading the cues she was sending out. He caught upwith her and grabbed her cart forcing her to stop.

“So since you just stole my ice cream right out from under me,I think you should at least introduce yourself. Obviously you’re newin town. My name is Trey Kellen. What’s yours?” He smiled at hercautiously.

Iris looked up at Trey. Geez, what was he, six three? “You’re right,you got played. But you really should thank me. Everyone should try thatflavor at least once. It’s not that bad. Not as good as Chunky Monkey,of course, but that’s life for you. Kind of unfair. And you’re right. I amnew in town. I’m Iris, Luke Petersen’s cousin. I just got into town a fewdays ago.”

Trey leaned up against a freezer door and crossed his arms. “Nowthat’s interesting. Luke happens to be one of my best friends and notonce did he mention to me that his cousin was coming to town.”

Iris shrugged and studied her newly painted fingernails. Vampireblack. She smiled happily at the high gloss. Her nails were definitelyrated PG-13 at the very least. “Well, he probably knows that I’m justhere to kind of blend in. You know, be anonymous. No big splash.”

Trey laughed at her and did a quick glance over, pausing on herhair. “Yeah, I don’t think you’re going to be anonymous. You’re kind of,um . . . different from a lot of the girls who live around here.”

Iris looked up and grinned at Trey. “Seriously? That’s exactly whatI was going for.”

Trey tilted his head as if he was trying to figure her out. “So why’dyou come to Alpine? Job, family, . . . relationship?”

Iris sighed heavily, all happiness draining from her eyes. “No, no,and no. Definitely no men. So be sure and tell all the single men thatthey’re safe from me. I am now an official men-free zone.”

Trey laughed and shook his head. “Oh, my.”

Iris glared at him and put her hands on her hips. “Excuse me? Whatis that supposed to mean? Not every woman is out to get a guy, or getmarried, or be in a relationship or, or . . . anything!” she finished ratherlamely.

Trey stepped back, holding his hands up defensively. “Please don’thurt me. Your boots are intimidating enough. I only said, “˜oh, my,’because I’m with you. I’m an official women-free zone.”


“Yes. You’re actually standing a little too close to be honest. I’m gettinga little uncomfortable.”

Iris noticed she was standing quite close and blushed, stepping backquickly. “Oh, sorry. But, wow.”Trey nodded sadly. “I’m done with women. Burned one too manytimes.”

Iris patted his arm sympathetically. “Me too. Except I was neverburned before. I just had one big bonfire. But it was enough.”

Trey’s light blue eyes lost their teasing glint and turned sympathetic.

“Well, since we’re both off the market, at least we’re safe with each other,right?”

Iris crinkled her nose and considered. “I guess. But really, I hatemen right now. I don’t think you’re safe around me. I could accidentlyhurt you just because, you’re, you know, a good looking guy.” She inchedfurther away.

Trey smiled at the good looking reference and reached out to toucha strand of her red tipped hair. “Well, we’d have to have rules””safetyparameters””if we ever hung out. But you’re right, I don’t think I couldtake getting kicked around by someone who owns a Harley.”

Iris grinned at him. “I’m going to get one. I can’t wait.”

Trey laughed as they walked toward the checkout stand. He evenhelped her put her groceries on the conveyor belt as he offered suggestionson where to go to test-drive motorcycles.

Iris was even prepared to admit that Trey might be one of the fewnice guys left in the world, until she started putting her groceries away.

Reaching for the Chunky Monkey ice cream she’d bought, she endedup grabbing Late Night Snack instead. He switched the cartons. He’dplayed her!

Iris growled and knew that if he were standing anywhere close by,she would have gladly kicked the tar out of him. She hated men.