Fiction Focus: Final free ‘Raggleroot’ preview

“Raggleroot” is the third volume in Erik Olsen’s “Flin’s Destiny” series and was released on Jan. 8. You can buy the book on or and in bookstores.

Today’s excerpt is the last freebie, so you’ll need to buy the book if you want more.


Head Revels, along with several others, raised the new latch on the front door and cautiously opened it.

“OH!” was Head Revels only response, there need be no more words, “˜OH’ said there was something worse than words could explain.

“WHAT? What is it?” Principal Vespar shrieked as she stood waist deep in a sea of leprechauns.

“It’s far worse than Snazzards, and I only wish it were an earthquake!” Head Revels said, peering up at the dozens of skyrocketing plants coming their way.

“No! No! What on earth is it?” whimpered Principal Vespar. She was in her bathrobe with her hand over her heart as she forced her way through the crowd and to the door to see what was out there. “NO… !!!”

Soon the front door was flooded with onlookers.

“But, this petrified tree””surely it will be able to withstand””” Voss Yeg said in desperation, looking back and forth at Head Revels and Mr. Luftin for confirmation.

“I’m afraid not. Those monstrous plants out there will tear through this hollowed out tree like toilet paper. It’s an army out there.”

“OH, NO!” came Voss Yeg’s cry.

Miss Lemons quickly began collecting her dance students. “We have ta do somethin’ quick! They’ll tear down this Cathedral in no time flat. Somehow we have to stop ’em.”

A rare word came from Fig who was standing as far from the door as possible. “How do ya fight fire? Ya fight fire with fire, right?” his hair trembled with fear as he spoke.

“Fig’s right! We need something that is as big and as strong as what’s out there, but what?” exclaimed Principal Vespar, looking around for answers from others.

Pilt rushed through the crowd, “Hovgard’s den or lab place.”

“What?” asked Voss Yeg, confused.

“Hovgard’s den!”

“Whad aboud it, Pilt?” asked Luftin in desperate hopes.

“There were pits. Head Revels made me think of it when he said army.”

“What pits? Where are they?” Head Revels asked in a rushed voice as he forced his way through the crowd that continued to stare out the door in disbelief.

“Follow me!”

The group of them took off down through the hollowed out winding roots as the ground shook even more with the approach of the dreaded plant army of Raggleroot.

Pilt wandered back and forth, unsure of where the room was.

“Pilt, we don’t have much time,” remarked Head Revels as Pilt seemed more lost by the second.

“Well… where is it, Pilt?” said Luftin, ducking under roots and cobwebs as he impatiently hobbled behind.

“Here!” Pilt quickly entered the room. The rest followed closely behind with their torches.

“Whoa, would ya just look at this place,” muttered Luftin, glancing around.

“Okay, Pilt, you said something about pits?” Head Revels looked around desperately.

“Yeah, see, look! This box had a lock on it that we broke off when we found this place.” He raised a box made out of old steel that had started to rust and dumped it. Round pits that looked like broken mirrors glued together into balls fell onto the makeshift lab table. Head Revels snatched one up and held it close to his face. Little roots dangled from the bottom of the pit.

“Strange, they look like broken mirrors that have been glued back together. Gather them back up and put them in the box. We’ll hope, whatever they are, they still work.”

“And these, whad are they?” said Inger, looking up at Head Revels as he held in the palm of his hand a cigar box with four pits in it, each pit a distinct different color. One was blood red, another deep blue, brown with little pieces of rocks in it, and the last looked like a large piece of salt.

“What are they?” asked Head Revels, scowling down at them. “Here’s a note in the bottom of the box.” He held it up to the torch light.

Under research. Do not plant. Consequences could be disastrous.