Fiction Focus: Final free preview of Shannon Guymon’s ‘Do Over’

Shannon Guymon appeared on ABC4’s “The Daily Dish” on Feb. 15 to promote her newest book, “Do Over,” which was released on Feb. 12.

Now, a week later, she’s sharing the third, and final, sneak peek at her book. After reading this excerpt, you’re probably going to want to buy the book, which you can doin book stores or on or


Trey glanced at his watch and smiled knowing he’d be seeing Iris inless than hour. He had stopped to talk to one the framers when he sawhis brother Sam drive up in a big black Ram truck. Trey grinned as hisbrother hopped out and headed his way. When Sam reached him, hepulled Trey in for the usual headlock. Trey did a quick reversal and hadhis arm around Sam’s neck, ready to take him down, when he heard animpatient sigh.

The two men immediately stood up. Trey groaned inwardly andgave his brother a hard look. Sam shrugged and shook his head, refusingall responsibility.

“Acting like eighth-graders. You’re business owners. Grown men, forPete’s sake,” Sophie said shaking her head with a pinched look aroundher mouth.

Trey raised his eyebrows at her tone of voice and noticed that Samhad already abandoned him to talk to Donny. He sighed, shoving hishands in his pockets and preparing himself for whatever was coming.

“Macie Jo said you totally ignored her and left a minute after she gothere. She said some giant dragged her around the job site, took the traysof food from her, and then practically ordered her to go home. What inthe heck?” Sophie said, looking far meaner than Iris ever could.

Trey bit back a smile and tried to look contrite. “Well, if I wereMacie Jo, I’d be furious with you too. Really Sophie, using your styliststo make deliveries.”

Sophie huffed out a breath and tried to regroup. “She was here tomeet you, Trey. She wanted you to give her a tour.”

Trey stopped smiling. “Why?”

Sophie glared and kept up her assault. She was determined to helpTrey whether he wanted help or not. “Because she’s perfect for you Trey.

I know it. Everyone knows it. And if you’d just give her a chance, you’dknow it too.”

Trey’s eyes turned a shade colder. “I believe I mentioned to you justthe other day that I’ve already found the perfect woman. I don’t want,or need, your help when it comes to my love life, Sophie. You need tostop.” Sophie blinked in surprise. She had never been a witness to Treywhen he was mad, let alone been on the receiving end of Trey’s anger.

Sophie paused and thought carefully before she spoke. “I love you,Trey, like you’re my own brother. I care about your happiness. It killsme to see you sad. But I’m sorry, you can’t seriously be in love with Iris.

I don’t believe it for a second. No one in their right mind would buy it.

She is wrong for you. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I don’t care what anyonesays. A woman who would destroy her own beautiful hair and get tattoosis someone with some serious issues. You need a woman like MacieJo. Beautiful, sweet, and normal,” she said, stressing the word normal somuch, she practically shouted it.

Trey looked up at the sky and counted to ten. “I know you love me,and that’s why I’m going to forgive you for insulting Iris. But trying tosell me on normal when I can have her isn’t going to work. Do I looklike a man who wants to spend the rest of his life bored to death? Sophie,I’m only going to say this one more time. Leave it alone. This is none ofyour business.”

Trey turned and walked away before he said anything he’d seriouslyregret. He heard Sophie kicking up gravel and sighed as she ran to catchup to him, her little frame eating up the distance with surprising speed.

Refusing to look at her, he picked up his pace. She’d get tired after awhile.

“Family dinner! My house, this Sunday. I insist that you bring Iristo meet your parents if you’re so sure she’s perfect for you,” she saidgrasping the sleeve of his shirt.

Trey stopped and stared at Sophie. She thought she had him. Hegrinned wickedly down at his sister-in-law and took the challenge withrelish. “I can’t wait. We’ll bring the salad,” he said and left her in thedust, unsure and worried.


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  • February 25, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    Loved this book! I could not put it down! Shannon is a talented writer. this was the first book of hers I have read and will surely not be the last!!!

  • February 25, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Shannon Guymon!

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