Fiction Focus: Final free preview of Jim Haberkorn’s ‘A Thousand Suns’

‘A Thousand Suns’ author Jim Haberkorn

“The pace is fast, the action non-stop, and the story is a real page turner,” said Meridian Magazine of Jim Haberkorn’s “A Thousand Suns,” which was released on March 12 and is available on BooksAndThings, and

What’s the book about? We’re glad you asked.

It’s not easy being an out-of-work spy””especially when you’re on a hit list or two. When Rulon saves a Russian agent from a gang, he has no idea that the consequences will be the deadliest he’s ever faced. With the help of his Swiss punk wife, Rulon must once again save the world in this thrilling adventure.

“A Thousand Suns” is a Rulon Hurt novel and sequel to “Einstein’s Trunk.”

This is the final free sneak peek at the book, so you’ll have to purchase it for more.


Boris put away his phone and looked at Yohaba, who was staring at him. She sounded suspicious as she said, “I loved your version of the fight with Rulon. I don’t seem to remember it lasting that long.”

“Allow me small concession to personal dignity, Mrs. Hurt.”

“And me. I didn’t hear you say a word about me. What am I on this trip? A potted plant?”

“I did you favor. Even to be noticed by this man is dangerous. If you were in stage three, you would understand.”

“I’m in stage four. The stage where I’m ultra paranoid and thinking that even people I thought were my friends are turning against me. I heard every word you said. Have you been double-crossing me?”

Boris responded hard and cold, “Earlier in evening I intend fight six Fashisties while you escape. Please rephrase, Mrs. Hurt.”

Yohaba huffed a little, looking up now and again to glare at Boris. Finally she demanded, with only slightly less suspicion, “Okay, Mr. Zokolov. What are you not telling me?”

“Many things, Mrs. Hurt. Many things. But none to your injury. Come. We have until six p.m. to make deal that will save you and beloved fortune cookie cowboy husband. I will tell you what I can and Boris will be your Hero of the Revolution again. Come. Walk.”

They hurried along dragging their suitcases, Boris walking so fast that Yohaba struggled to keep up. “Who was that on the phone?”Thousand Suns 2x3

“My boss’s boss’s boss. You heard Rulon speak of thin man. That was thin man.”

“Wow. Rulon talked about that guy like he’s some kind of legend.”

“He was legend fifty years ago. Now he giant oil spill filling every crevice in government; the only man Putin and oligarchs fear. Intelligent and immensely ruthless. Forged in ruins of Stalingrad. Unbreakable.”

“Who were you calling a “˜lackey of the imperialists’?”

“Rulon. But if pressed would include you, too. Though maybe being Swiss, you more tool of international bankers.”

“Fine. Make your little jokes. But this is not funny. You didn’t sound like”¦well, the way you described everything, you made us sound like a bunch of gun-toting redneck hillbillies.”

Boris looked at her blankly and gave no reply.