Fiction Focus: Final free look at Vickie Hall’s ‘Journey of Promise’

Journey of Promise_2x3 “Journey of Promise” author Vickie Hall will be on ABC4’s “Good Things Utah” this Thursday, March 28, to promote her book, which was released earlier this month.

Richard and Leah Kenyon desperately want to heed the call to Zion, and after years of saving up, they are ready to commit to the journey, even though it means sailing from their native land of Wales to America.

But just as it seems their desire will be granted, a young girl is poisoned and all the evidence points to Richard. With the town ignited by hate, the Kenyons face incredible odds to continue their journey, relying on the Lord’s tender mercies and the hope that one day they will see their land of promise.

Elegantly written, “Journey of Promise” will remind you who you need to turn to during life’s tribulations and will teach you how to trust in the Lord’s promises.

“Journey of Promise” is the sequel to 2011’s “All That Was Promised” and is available on, and


Leah had received a cloak from the Orion’s surplus clothing. She shuddered to think it belonged to a dead woman. But it was growing cold and she wrapped Seion inside it against her warm body. She watched Samuel and the boys walk toward her down the gangway. Instinctively she looked for Claire and then painfully remembered she would not see her sister’s smile as she shooed the rambunctious boys ahead of her. A sharp pang of sorrow shot through her and she swallowed hard as if to drive the longing deep within her to a hidden place of forgetfulness.

Meredith is good with Gwen, she thought, as she followed Samuel and the boys. She kept the baby girl contented. Only when the baby was in need of feeding did she give her to Leah. But each time she nursed the tiny infant, Leah’s eyes filled with tears. Her heart ached when she stroked the baby’s head, traced the tiny bow of lips, and realized that this was her sister’s child, the sister lost to her now. She didn’t know how she was to go on without Claire. Leah wished they’d never left Cardiff, never dreamed of Zion, because then none of this would have happened. Claire would still be alive and they’d be together.

Richard’s arm tightened around Leah’s shoulders and drew her back to the present. There were only eleven of them now and their diminished numbers were an aching reminder of the two who were no longer with them. The steam whistle blasted with a melodic pattern and the steamboat backed away from the levee. The engines came to a halt and were set in forward motion as they entered into the depths of the Mississippi.