Fiction Focus: Advance preview of Shannon Guymon’s ‘Do Over’

Welcome to Fiction Focus, which spotlights our quality fiction titles three times a week. Today, Shannon Guymon’s “Do Over” takes center stage with a sample from the book.

“Do Over” will be released on Tuesday, Feb. 12, but you can pre-order your copy right now on and

Guymon will appear on ABC4’s “The Daily Dish” on Friday, Feb. 15, at 11 a.m. Mountain Time.


She arrived exactly two minutes later at the job site. After waving at afew framers and an electrician, Iris got to work, doing her best to ignoreeveryone. An hour had passed quickly when she heard a low, long whistlecoming from behind her.

“Christmas has come early,” a deep, gravely voice said behind her.

Iris lowered her pencil and turned her head to see a huge man, mostlikely Vin Diesel’s twin brother, standing behind her grinning as if hehad just won the Super Bowl. His black hair was spiky and went quitenicely with the large black gauge in his ear. His nose looked like it hadbeen smashed in a few times, but overall he looked like a nice man. Hemust be excited to have a designer on the job.

“Hi,” Iris said in a polite, friendly way and then went back to work.

“Honey, I don’t know where you came from, or why you’re here, butI need to send someone a thank-you card, because I have just fallen inlove.”

Iris frowned, turning back around to face the imposing man. Hereally was huge, and his arms were covered in real tattoos, not the fakehenna ones she had. Yep, one of them looked like Satan. And he waslooking at her like she was Sunday dinner and he hadn’t eaten in months.

Time to shut this guy down.

“I’m Iris Levine. I’ll be working on this project with Trey Kellen.

I’m just doing some preliminary sketches before I meet with the ownerstomorrow. Let me know if I’m in your way,” she said dismissively.

The man’s eyebrows went up. “You’re the designer Trey was tellingme about this morning? Wow. I would have never guessed. I never imagineda serious designer could look like you. You’re the most beautifulthing I’ve ever seen in my life,” the man said with such blatant honestythat Iris had to smile.

She heard boots hitting gravel and turned to see Trey running fasttoward them.

“Donny, I see you’ve met Iris,” Trey said, looking back and forthworriedly between the two of them.

Iris opened her mouth to say something, but Donny rushed in.

“Trey, why in the world didn’t you warn me about Iris. I about had aheart attack standing here trying to take it all in.”

Iris blushed and started to feel a little uncomfortable. What hadhappened to her invisible Stay-the-Heck-Away-from-Me sign she’dposted on her forehead? The tattoos, the chains, the black, the hair?

Trey nodded his head and patted Donny on the shoulder. “Now whywould I want to do that? I don’t want you trying to steal my girlfriend.”

Donny made a huffing noise and shook his head continuing to stareat Iris. “She’s not your type, Trey. She’s mine. Look at her. She’s perfect.No way is she your girlfriend.”

Iris started feeling panicky and looked at Trey, silently pleading forhelp. Trey winked at her, his light blue eyes practically sparkling at theposition she was in.

“Sorry, Donny, but I found her first,” he said and then steppedaround Donny to gently and slowly put his arm around Iris’s shoulders,completely breaking one of her rules.

Iris bit her lip but didn’t say anything, so Trey cleared his throat andfaced the doubting giant in front of him.

“But regardless of my passionate regard for Iris, she has been hiredby Sam to design the restaurant, so we both need to be careful not to letour feelings get in the way of work. I’d hate for Iris to feel uncomfortablebeing on the jobsite,” he said, his voice sounding firm and with anunmistakable warning.

Donny nodded his head as his shoulders fell. “Gotcha, boss. It wasnice meeting you, Iris,” he said looking at her soulfully one last time.

Iris and Trey watched as Donny went back inside the building.

When she could no longer see Donny’s massive shoulder’s she let a shakybreath out. She stepped away from Trey, forcing his arm to drop andturned to face him.

“Oh. My. Heck.”

Trey laughed softly and reached out to grab a strand of fiery redhair. “What? You’re surprised?”

Iris shoved her hands in her pockets and kicked a rock. “Well, yeah!I’ve done everything but put a sign on my back that says stay back.Maybe he’s dyslexic.”

Trey laughed again and reached out taking her arm in his hands ashe studied the tribal tattoos in dark brown that ran from her wrist toher shoulder.

“Well, there’s one thing you forgot. Men. You’re obviously used to acertain type of man. You’re back off sign that works so well for the successful,business-suit-wearing, corporate kind of guy actually does theopposite for my dear friend Donny. You see, there’s a whole population ofmen who will take one look at you and start to believe in heaven again.”

Iris’ mouth fell open in horror at her giant mistake. “Oh, no.”

Trey laughed at her expression and gently lowered her arm. “Oh,yes. But you don’t need to worry. Because as much as your being my fakegirlfriend will protect me from beautiful pageant queens, I am here toprotect you from one of the best plumbers I’ve ever known. Super niceguy, by the way. I’m almost certain he owns an actual Harley.”

Iris swallowed nervously and turned her head, watching all the construction

workers walk around them, doing their jobs. But she’d have tobe blind not to realize that some of them were openly checking her out.

Trey grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Just ignoreit. I’ll pass it around that you and I are together and no one will botheryou. I promise. And if someone crosses the line, I’ll deal with him.”

Iris stared up into Trey’s serious blue eyes and felt herself relax. Shetrusted him. “Okay.”

Trey smiled almost gently at her and ignored her feelings aboutbeing hugged and hugged her tightly. Iris immediately stiffened butrelaxed as he patted her back comfortingly.

“Face it. We need each other.”