Fiction Fest: T. Lynn Adams’ ‘Lair of the Serpent’ kicks off June free previews

Lair of the Serpent 2x3T. Lynn Adams’ “Lair of the Serpent” is the third installment in the “Tombs of Terror” series and will be released on June 11, 2013.

“Lair of the Serpent” was preceded by 2012’s “The Lost Curse” and 2010’s “Tombs of Terror.” The trilogy has been optioned by Hollywood producer Kevin Buxbaum, who produced “Life of Pi.”

Although the book doesn’t hit stores until next week, you can pre-order it right now from, and


“If I committed a crime, tell me but don’t keep me here if you have nothing on me.”

The officer frowned and leaned toward Jonathon. “Maybe in America they release criminals, but in Cambodia I can hold you without a charge for seventy-two hours and that is what I plan to do. That will give my men plenty of time to find evidence to prove your crime.”

Irritated, Jonathon rolled his eyes. “So, basically, in Cambodia you’re saying I’m guilty until your monos can dig up enough lies to make it true.”

“Your attitude tells me a lot. Criminals always call the evidence a lie.”

Tu fuerza policial es una burla y tu eres patán,” Jonathon rumbled.

Unfazed by the Spanish he did not comprehend, the officer turned Jonathon’s computer to face him. “I want your password.”

Vete al—

The officer spoke again with more force, cutting him off. “I want your password.”

Jonathon’s tone taunted the officer. “And I want a lawyer.”

“You don’t need a lawyer until you are officially charged.”

“Then you don’t need my password until I am officially charged.”

The answer annoyed the officer. “Do you think is a joke?”

“Not at all. You haven’t made me laugh once.”

Two pairs of eyes locked and held—one older and challenging, the other young and defying. Perturbed, the officer broke the gaze first and looked at two nearby policemen. “Get him out of my face!” he snapped.

The officers stepped forward and hauled Jonathon out of his chair. With his hands still cuffed behind his back, Jonathon struggled to catch his balance. “Where are you taking me?”


“But you can’t! I didn’t do anything!”

“I can do whatever I want for the next seventy-two hours.” Then he leaned over his desk. “And that’s not a joke.” Impatient, the officer snapped his fingers several times to quicken the pace. “Take him away.”

Two men hauled him out of the interrogation room, dragging him through the outer office littered with metal desks, worn chairs, and overstuffed files. Waiting on a wooden bench, Severino saw and heard the commotion and came to his feet. “Jonathon, what’s going on? What’s happening?”

“They’re taking me to jail!”

“What? Why?”

On the far side of the room, Jonathon strained against the officers. “Because it’s the only thing this cobarde can do!”

Furious and concerned for his friend, Severino stepped toward them. “You can’t put him in jail. He’s didn’t do anything!”

Beyond anger, the commanding officer turned and pointed a finger at Severino. “You will join him right now if you step any closer.”