Fiction Fest: Q&A with M. Ann Rohrer, author of ‘Mattie’

Mattie 2x3M. Ann Rohrer’s “Mattie” was released on March 12, 2013, but we love our back title authors so much, we thought we’d give her the chance to sit in the Fiction Fest Q&A hot seat.

Although the book is technically a back title, it’s still available in book stores and on, and

Take it away, Ann!

In a two-sentence nutshell, what it “Mattie” about?

Mattie is Historical Fiction based on the life of my Grandmother, who comes of age during the Mexico Revolution in 1911. It’s a story of romance, adventure, struggle, and faith.

What types of books do you like to read?

Currently I’m reading light romance and historical fiction.

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Jane Austen””Love her writing, her stories, and the satire on her culture.

Nancy Turner””Great writing, Historical fiction based on her grandparents who settled Arizona territory. Told in first person, we experience the protagonist’s education.

Erma Bombeck and Robert Fulghum””spot on life humor, great quotes,

Stephen Ambrose””great impartial historian,

Louis L’Amour—terrible writer but great storyteller. And I believe he never revised”¦Amazing.

What is your writing routine like?

Horrible. Sporatic. I’m not willing to rise at 4am. I write when I can, usually in the evening. I might get in 10-15 hours in a good week. If I had my choice, I would write every waking hour. But life happens.

Snack time! What’s your snack of preference, regardless of nutritional value?

Preference is chocolate. Reality, it’s nuts, dates, fruit. Oh, and popcorn””hold the butter.

What writing genre would you most like to give a shot (beside the one you’ve written)?

I’ve always wanted to do the Erma Bombeck, Robert Fulghum, Dave Berry thing. Would you call that non-fiction humorist? I work it into my novels. I think it would be great fun to do a mystery.

What’s the most demanding thing about being an author?

Getting published. (laughs) And marketing runs a close second.

What’s the best thing about being a published author?

Foremost, I believe it is about achievement, reading my own words from a bona fide book with ISBN number, seeing it advertised online, being a peer with other authors whom I read and loved, having others love my work especially when they connect with the characters in a profound way.

What’s the most joy writing has brought to you?

I love losing myself in my writing, whether a letter, a blog, or fiction. While I have a difficult time coming up with the story line, once that is done, I find great satisfaction fleshing out the characters, creating the perfect sentence, creating vivid visuals.

What advice would you like to offer aspiring novelists?

First, If you love to write, you are a writer. Second, remember that the arduous journey begins with the first step.


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