Fiction Fest: Previewing Michael Bast’s ‘Death’s Academy’

Death's-Academy-2x3Can’t decide whether to buy Michael Bast’s debut novel or not? No worries, this is why we slave over a hot stove to bring you the Fiction Fest excerpt series.

The official release date for “Death’s Academy” is Jan. 14, but you can probably find it on the shelves of your local bookstore before then. If not, then buy it from one of several online retailers.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek to tide you over.


Why can’t we see the world of the Death’s and Guardian Angels? Midnight Smith, a young Death, divulges the secret to why their world is invisible to us mere mortals.

It’s all part of the big inoculation. Our dark world is all around you, but you’ve been “immunized” so you can’t recognize it for what it really is. To you, what looks like a cement truck might actually be a spike-covered chariot carpooling a group of hoodies to work, or it may just be a cement truck. That’s the beauty of it—you’ll never know. To you, it looks like a cement truck, it sounds like a cement truck—heck, it even smells like a cement truck.

How did we do it? Have you ever eaten a piece of chocolate, licked an ice cream cone, guzzled a soda, or, for you real weirdoes, ever muscled down a brussels sprout? If so, then you’ve been immunized. We put a special concoction into those foods and countless others that numb three percent of your brain. Why else do you think babies cry all the time? You would too if you saw all of this crazy stuff around you.