Fiction Fest: October free previews conclude with B.K. Bostick’s ‘Huber Hill and the Golden Staff of Cibola’

Huber Hill Golden StaffYes, this is the last free preview you’ll get of our October fiction titles, but don’t you fret, Fiction Fest will be back next week with more sneak peeks from our November releases.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy one last free sampling of B.K. Bostick’s “Huber Hill and the Golden Staff of Cibola,” which is available in bookstores and from online retailers. The book is the third in the Huber Hill series.


Huber discovers El Dorado, the golden king in his throne room deep inside Cíbola. The Brotherhood of Coronado, a secret organization seeking to finish what Francisco Coronado started, have beat him to it, and are demanding Huber remove Dorado’s golden staff in case there are traps.

Fausto stepped to one side. As he did, the torchlight glinted off a golden statue sitting on a throne. The skull’s expression was even, his chest bare save for an elaborate necklace and breastplate, and his head adorned with long, exotic feathers, which still retained their vibrant colors. His face was exactly the way it had appeared on the doors leading to Cíbola. Huber had to remind himself that it was not a statue, that it was actually a man. More specifically, it was Lonan, who had been granted the Golden staff by the demon Uhepono. The man who had turned his city, its residents, and himself to gold with its power. The Golden one—El Dorado.

Within his grasp was a short staff, its appearance just longer than a cane. Dorado’s left palm was facing up and resting upon it was the long end of the staff. His right hand was cupped over the tip of the staff, which contained an amber stone, almost glowing in the faint light of the chamber. It was shaped and contoured like a gleaming, translucent egg. Huber couldn’t help but be entranced by Dorado’s otherworldly presence. He wondered why the Brotherhood had yet to remove the staff from his hands.

Fausto motioned for Huber to come forward.

“You beat us,” Huber admitted grudgingly. “Why haven’t you taken it?”

Fausto sniggered. “That’s why I was hoping you would make it. Come forward, Huber Hill,” he beckoned. “Do you not recall all of the many traps you encountered along your way? I can only imagine what El Dorado has in store for the one who actually dares take his staff. You will remove it. If you survive, you will hand it over to me.”

Huber almost laughed out loud. “Yeah right. Why would I do that? Maybe I’ll just turn you to gold where you stand.”

Fausto lifted his torch higher, casting the light’s circumference a few feet farther. Toward the back of the chamber, behind Dorado’s throne, the light revealed something Huber had not expected to see. Situated on their knees, blindfolded and gagged, were Huber’s and Scott’s parents. They were struggling, but their bonds were tight.